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Meitenkun's gameplay comparison in King of Fighters 15 reveals some new attacks and different mechanics that aren't in King of Fighters 14

Can we do EX moves again without Max Mode?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 21, 2021 at 10:31 a.m. PST • Comments: 25

SNK appears to be on track to release some new King of Fighters 15 information every week with their latest drop focusing on the returning character Meitenkun.

Now that some eagle-eyed players have gotten a chance to dissect the sleepy boy's new trailer, we can get a much better picture he'll differ from his King of Fighter 14 incarnation — along with some information that a major mechanic seems to be changing too.

As previously seen in Shun'ei's debut trailer, Meitenkun uses mostly the same attack animations from KOF14 with some added visual flair and completely new cinematics, which you can compare side-by-side below thanks to Raidou.

What's perhaps more interesting to most, however, are the changes made to the fighter to which there are a few noticeable ones.

Rooflemonger has also released a new video breakdown going over the footage where he points out what appears to be either a new command or close punch attack along with a move that whiffs before his throw.

Veteran players will also probably be happy to see that Meitenkun does an EX pillow throw without being in Max Mode, which wasn't possible in KOF14.

This means that one of the main combo extending tools from the previous game very well may be totally different in the upcoming title or at least heavily re-worked.

Without seeing the user interface or a much more in-depth breakdown of the game's systems, it's hard to say just how altered things will be though new mainline entries often do shake that up quite a bit — like we saw from KOF13 to KOF14.

It'll be interesting to see how King of Fighters 15 continues to shape up over the coming months seeing as it's supposed to launch this year, but there's still a lot more questions than answers about the entry.

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