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Ryu competitor recently won Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournament while appearing to be impossible to jump in on with his anti-airs

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 20, 2021 at 2:45 p.m. PST • Comments: 19

Though Ryu was widely considered to be a top tier in Street Fighter 5 Season 1, the character has really struggled Season 2 onward. Even with numerous buffs throughout the seasons, Ryu generally resides in the bottom 10 portion of most players' tier lists these days.

Of course, this didn't appear to stop Strangehail8, an Ultimate Grand Master Ryu user online, from recently taking a tournament The Online Local last week. To commemorate his gameplay, HiFight released a Just Frame Breakdown that analyzes the little details of Strangehail8's gameplay with Ryu.

What's particularly significant about Strangehail8 and his playstyle with Ryu is his ability to shut down nearly every jump in attempt. Even when it looks like there's an opening, you're sure to meet up with a Dragon Punch from Strangehail8 before you reach the ground.

Strangehail8 is shown to be able to perform numerous autocorrect anti-airs with ease. It's also clear that this player has mastered the art of performing the Dragon Punch motion without standing up for the sake of low profiling jumping attacks (shortcut inputs).

As shown in the video, this Ultimate Grand Master player is able to keep the opponent guessing with throws and shimmies. This player has a very strong grasp on both offense and defense in Street Fighter 5.

Check out HiFight's analysis of Strangehail8's gameplay below:

You can check out the tournament archive at TheOnlineLocal's Twitch channel.

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