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These are the 5 character classes revealed in Dungeon Fighter Duel's announcement trailer and here's what they can do

There's up to 55 more to choose from

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 20, 2021 at 12:01 p.m. PST • Comments: 13

Arc System Works gave the fighting game community a late Christmas present that they never would have guessed with the surprise announcement of DNF Duel (likely to be called Dungeon Fighter Duel in the West) though the developers have pretty much gone silent since.

One of the more interesting prospects of this Dungeon Fighter Online spin-off is that it will feature playable classes instead of traditionally named characters though that doesn't mean they'll be devoid of personality and flair.

The reveal trailer for this fighting game based on the Korean MMO showcased five different classes that we're going to explore more now with information from the base game.

Everyone shown thus far has been an Advencement version of one of the base 16 classes which would give DNF Duel 60 playable characters to potentially choose from.

Though they are technically classes, it appears that characters created in Dungeon Fighter Online follow the same story as the rest of their class, so it should still be very doable to pull a cohesive personality and style from.

Let's start out with the first fighter shown off for DNF Duel.


Berserkers are an upgraded branch of the Slayer class who wield giant blades while trying to find a way to handle their demonically possessed arm that destroyed their own family.

This Advencement follows the path that leads to the possession completely taking over their body and granting him more powerful abilities and magic.

Strength comes at a cost, however, with these demonic powers draining the user's health to achieve victory.


Hailing from a land where magic is outlawed, the Ranger's country advanced their firearm technology above the rest of the world.

The improved version of the Gunner wields multiple revolvers that he can shoot in rapid succession though he's not afraid to use those long legs for kicking either.

Rangers are a bit rougher than their other gun-slinging compatriots as a survivor of the Lawless District.

His difficulty rating in Dungeon Fighter Online is maxed out though we'll have to see if that'll carry over to Duel as well.


As a more fanatical and serious upgrade of the female Priest class, Inquisitors are more vicious than their holy compatriots at trying to stomp out those who would spread the Blood Curse and defile their religion.

She fights with a giant battle ax, which looks a good bit like Labrys' from Persona 4 Arena, that she can set ablaze and spin around to deal massive damage to all of those around.

Inquisitor's character portraits are shown covered in blood to show how far they're willing to go to complete their quest.


An improved version of the female Fighter class, Strikers battle in a fairly straightforward manner to overpower their opponents with strength and technique.

No weapongs or armor here; just good old fashioned punches and kicks to the face to solve her problems at outrageous speeds.

Duel's trailer also showed her perform elbow / shoulder strikes in a Rekka-like fashion.


Similarly to the Striker, Grappler is an offshoot of the male Fighter class that takes their martial arts training in a different direction.

As his title suggests, Grapplers focus on grabbing their opponents and slamming them into the Earth.

Unlike many fighting game grapplers, however, he also seems proficient at fighting in the air while being able to combo into or out of his throws.

There's not much information about DNF Duel itself to expound upon further, as the short reveal trailer is all we've gotten to see as of right now.

We can tell that it's a 2D ArcSys fighting game in a similar vein to Guilty Gear Xrd and Granblue Fantasy: Versus with beautiful cell-shaded graphics.

One thing that we can see from the small snippets of gameplay is that Duel appears to have some sort of special cancel system to use one ability after another.

Dungeon Fighter Duel does not have a release window nor release platforms, so we'll need to wait until ArcSys and Neople decide to give us another taste at what's coming next.

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