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Coreupt emerges as a next-gen fighting game with an emphasis on combos, weapons, graphics and rollback netcode

No release date planned but there is a beta coming

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 13, 2021 at 10:40 a.m. PST • Comments: 83

With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X now on the market, fighting game players have been wondering what the first truly "next-gen" experience will be for the genre, and there may be an answer to that now.

Indie developer Jesse Wright is showcasing his new game Coreupt with a ton of gameplay videos, character designs and information regarding the fighters being made for the new consoles.

Gameplay-wise, Coreupt is a 2D fighting game that looks to be focused on performing flashy combos with seemingly taking inspiration from Mortal Kombat and other modern titles in the genre.

Character designs feature a very cyber future aesthetic with many fighters appearing with exo-suits and / or cybernetic enhancements to give them special powers.

Weaponry also appears to be a key component to the combat as well with many characters wielding guns and some creative damage dealers like a character named Wolf, who fights with a sword that can be thrown and transforms into a claw that she can teleport to.

Coreupt is looking to take advantage of the new gaming hardware to power its graphics and visual effects for added flair to the action at hand, so all of the lasers and glowing cybernetic parts looking extra shiny.

No release window is available for the game, but Wright says the team is working on a public build version to let people try Coreupt in the near-ish future.

The devs show upwards of a dozen fighters to hopefully choose from though only five will make it to the beta version with Gatling, Winry and Destroy confirmed plus a fan vote to determine the remaining two between Dragonov, Beretta, R.PG and Sawn off.

If you attended EVO 2019, you may have already seen this game at the Coreupt booth though it seems to have gotten quite the overhaul since then.

Rollback netcode is also confirmed to be included with Coreupt which we'll be able to test whenever the beta is complete.

Specific release platforms are not confirmed yet aside from PC plus "next-gen consoles," but the game will apparently be free-to-play upon launch.

Coreupt screenshots image #1 Coreupt screenshots image #2 Coreupt screenshots image #3 Coreupt screenshots image #4 Coreupt screenshots image #5 Coreupt screenshots image #6
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You can check out a gameplay teaser trailer for Coreupt below. Remember though, this is a game still in development and will likely look a good bit different compared to the final product.

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