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Major nerf spotted in Akuma's Garuda trailer is not included with the new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition update

Looks like we got a small peek at what could be coming next month

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 13, 2021 at 7:54 a.m. PST • Comments: 16

Today is an exciting day for Akuma players, Fighting EX Layer owners and Street Fighter EX fans considering the demon just received his Garuda crossover costume though there's something else that Street Fighter 5 players were more keenly interested in with its arrival.

The reveal trailer for the Garuda costume appeared to show a pretty substantial nerf to one of Akuma's best combo options, but upon updating the game, the change is still absent from the up-to-date build of SF5.

Champion Edition has now been upgraded to the Version 5.054 patch with the only change listed on Capcom's website is the addition of the Garuda outfit.

Said aforementioned trailer showed us Akuma's bread and butter side switch combo where he currently launches the opponent, whiffs LK Tatsumaki for the swap and finishes with an uppercut.

That's not the case with the trailer combo, however, as Akuma stays in front of his enemy following the Tatsu.

Multiple team members have tested the combo post-patch, and the cross under still behaves the same as before now.

This likely means that the video featured a future build of the game with a high probability of it being the Season 5 update that will come with Dan in February.

What makes the change significant in part is that Akuma will no longer get a free side switch into a continued combo if / when this does go into effect.

Players will have to decide to go for pure damage, an MK Tatsu cross under that has no follow up or spend a bar of meter to use EX Demon Flip slide to change sides.

It also points to Capcom perhaps making some big adjustments following the competitive finals that could further tune moves / options that cover too many already to make players commit more to their strategies.

Slowing down the footage, Akuma's V-Skill launcher appears as though it may push the other character further away from him which could make it so the Tatsu doesn't go under, or the developers specifically targeted that too to make sure it doesn't.

Capcom Cup is scheduled to take place from Feb. 19–21 with the launch of Dan and Season 5 coming likely shortly thereafter if the previous years are anything to go by, so there's still a bit of waiting to do to see what the future of SF5 will look like.

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