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Darkstalkers, Final Fight, several versions of Street Fighter 2, and Killer Instinct featured in newly revealed Arcade1Up cabinets

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • January 12, 2021 at 4:39 p.m. PST • Comments: 27

Arcade1Up announced seven new arcade cabinets this week that are being added to their already strong library of at-home machines. Among the bunch are two arcades that fighting game fans will undoubtedly be excited about.

The company unveiled their upcoming Killer Instinct and Capcom Legacy Edition arcade cabinets that are set to bring several top notch fighting games into your household. Between these two new products, fans can look forward to getting their hands on Darkstalkers, Final Fight, five different versions of Street Fighter 2, and Killer Instinct.

Those who opt to pick up the Capcom Legacy Edition arcade cabinet will be receiving 12 classic Capcom games all built into the unit. The full games list has been revealed by Arcade1Up and is as follows:

• Street Fighter
• Street Fighter II: World Warrior
• Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
• Street Fighter II: Turbo
• Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
• Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
• Darkstalkers
• Strider
• Commando
• Final Fight
• Ghost n Goblins
• 1944

Players have the chance to snag a custom riser for this special cabinet, which lifts the machine up and allows for play standing up. The unit also includes a light-up marquee and some slick artwork that looks like it came right out of the early 90s.

The Killer Instinct cabinet, on the other hand, features four titles for fans to enjoy. Killer Instinct 1, Killer Instinct 2, and Battletoads (the arcade version) are included here, and Battletoads / Double Dragon will also be playable as a bonus game.

Similar to the Capcom Legacy Edition, this Killer Instinct cabinet will also have a matching riser, though the design for the unit and the riser has not yet been finalized. On the plus side, a Live WiFi feature built into the machine will allow you to fight against opponents online who are also playing on their Arcade1Up cab.

At this point in time, no release dates or pricing information has been revealed for these products. Previous cabinets from Arcade1Up have traditionally been listed at a $300 - $400 USD price point, though, so we might be seeing similar price tags at launch.

Source: Arcade1Up.

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