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Which characters would you like to see return in King of Fighters 15?

There's certainly no shortage of classic characters to be wishing for in SNK's premier fighting game franchise

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • January 19, 2021 at 11:13 a.m. PST • Comments: 152

This week, we'll finally be getting our first proper look at the long-awaited newest installment of SNK's famed fighting franchise when the first footage of King of Fighters 15 drops on Wednesday, January 6th or Thursday, January 7th — depending on your timezone.

One of the biggest discussion pieces when a new fighting game is on the horizon is of course the roster. When it comes to King of Fighters, the pool of potential returning characters is absolutely gargantuan, even moreso now that previously deceased characters are back on the table after the events of King of Fighters 14.

With roster speculation fresh at the forefront of any SNK fan's brain right now, we decided to put together a huge poll featuring every character to have been playable in a mainline King of Fighters game at some point throughout the series.

The poll is already big enough as is it is, so we opted to exclude characters from the King of Fighters EX and King of Fighters Maximum Impact series seeing as none of the characters introduced in those games have returned in mainline entries as of yet.

It's also worth noting that SNK have a long-standing tradition of bringing back old characters from other franchises in King of Fighters as well, given that the series is after all a festival celebrating the entire company's history. While it may not be too likely we'll see more Samurai Shodown or Buriki One characters, it's definitely a regular occurrence for Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting characters to rejoin the battle in King of Fighters after long absences.

Even though we obviously can't include the entire SNK library of characters in the poll (which is pretty much what we'd have to do to be entirely fair), feel free to let your requests be known in the comments about any other SNK characters that haven't made the leap to the King of Fighters brand yet, but who you'd like to see do so. For all the official King of Fighters alumni, just throw your votes in the poll. Since we're talking about making a starting roster, you can select up to 16 characters.

Which characters do you hope to see on KOF15's roster?

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