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Nemo releases Street Fighter 5 Season 5 V-Shift tier list

How effective the new mechanic is for each character

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 25, 2021 at 7:55 a.m. PST • Comments: 25

Now that Street Fighter 5 Season 5 has been in the hands of the masses for a few days, players are beginning to share their thoughts on new fighter Dan and the game's new mechanic, V-Shift. While the defensive maneuver isn't shaping up to be exactly what fans expected from the pre-release footage, V-Shift is certainly proving to have useful applications.

During his latest live stream, Liquid|Nemo sat down to put together a tier list that ranks V-Shift for every character on the roster. What you can expect to see here looks a lot different than what a standard tier list would show, but there are some interesting takeaways to be had.

During the broadcast, we see Nemo running through a series of tests in training mode to gauge the effectiveness of each character's V-Shift. Using Zangief, Nemo hits several different characters with a Spinning Pile Driver, then attempts a normal throw on wake up while having the training dummy use V-Shift.

He then fires off another light punch SPD (the one with the most range) to see if the opponent will get caught on the recovery of a raw V-Shift.

At the top of the heap, we have M. Bison and Juri for best V-Shifts in the game. Nemo's test show that both of these characters can avoid being snatched up by Zangief in these situations, and this appears to be a result of the distance they travel backward with V-Shift and potentially their hurtboxes.

Other characters, like Kage who finds himself in D tier, fall victim to multiple versions of Zangief's SPD when put through the same test. Not only does the light version work, but the raging Shoto will also get scooped by medium and EX SPDs as well.

You can check out Nemo's full V-Shift tier list below, and if you'd like to see him running the experiments that helped him generate this chart, you can find the archive here.

Nemo's Street Fighter 5 Season 5 V-Shift tier list image #1
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Source: TierMaker.

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