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One of Dan's attacks features a glitch that can make him teleport in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Between this and the infinite, is he secretly the best character in the game?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 24, 2021 at 8:43 a.m. PST • Comments: 20

Dan Hibiki's legacy up to this point was pretty much always that of a joke character, but he is an actual threat in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition though some of the reasons for that seem to be unintentional.

We previously reported on Dan's ability to perform an infinite combo in SF5, and now it looks as though his jumping light punch is glitched in such a way that can cause him to teleport under fairly simple to set up situations.

Corenius recently shared a clip of an online match where Dan's high flying punch is air-to-air'd by M. Bison which teleports Dan immediately to the ground while standing.

The interaction may appear like a rollback issue or something, but after testing it for ourselves, we can confirm this is indeed a glitch in the game that can be recreated with little effort.

Dan's extra special Saikyo secret is triggered when his jumping light punch is hit after his recovery frames start. This can be as an air-to-air or anti-air though the new DLC fighter is still in hit stun after his feet touch the ground.

Click image to see more of Dan's teleport in action

Why is this happening exactly? Well, the answer is surprisingly simple since we can see the attack scripts within Street Fighter 5.

Using the sfvdiff tool, Arlieth was quickly able to point out that Dan's jumping light is missing the script flag that gives him aerial status once it goes into recovery frames.

Putting it simply, the game thinks Dan is on the ground, so that's where he goes if he gets hit during that time. This bug doesn't seem to present in any other of his attacks, however.

Though it doesn't seem to benefit Dan at first glance, there's a chance that Dan could snap to the ground and act before his opponent if hit with a move that causes little hit stun, which will require more labbing to see if it's possible.

Given the simple nature of this glitch, however, Dan's teleport probably won't remain in the game for very long, especially with the infinite floating around as well.

All of this has me wondering though, what else does Dan have hidden up his non-existent sleeves?

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