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Daigo Umehara reportedly fractures finger and shows off his splint cast

He also talked about V-Shift's strengths in Street Fighter 5

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 21, 2021 at 10:55 a.m. PST • Comments: 17

BST|Daigo Umehara revealed on his most recent stream this weekend that he fractured his pinky finger while showing his viewers the splint he has to try and play in for the moment.

FGC Translated put together a new video detailing the fighting game legend's thoughts on the injury, why he's not really worried about it and also how strong he believes V-Shift could be in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

In his usual nonchalant manner, Umehara only makes a small comment about breaking his finger minutes into his stream, but the viewers pressed for more answers as to what happened / what's going on.

Daigo says that he slipped and fell earlier in the week which fractured his left pinkie and sent him to the hospital to get patched up.

No mention as to how the injury may affect his gameplay or the Capcom Pro Tour Season Final is in the translated portion of his stream except to say that it hurts him to jump forward.

Umehara had been mainly using hitbox-style controllers for over a year now, but he'll probably need to switch back to a standard arcade stick until he heals.

He claims that the splint should be coming off on Monday, so he's hoping to be ready to go for the Season 5 launch of SF5 though many in his chat voiced concern that it'd take much longer than that.

The British NHS website states that a broken finger can / should be kept in a splint or cast for 2–8 weeks with potential months needed to get full strength back in the digit.

Umehara didn't seem to play any fighting games during the stream though he did load up Earth Defense Force, which he seemed okay to play with a standard controller.

On the topic of V-Shift in SF5, Daigo does feel like the move will be a strong option to shut down certain types of attacks and benefit characters who can capitalize on gray health though he's waiting to see how it'll perform in practice.

"It's still a pretty impactful system," said Umehara during his stream via FGC Translated. "I'm sure the game will change a lot, but I don't think it'll break the game, which is what Fuudo was worried about."

He also feels the game will be better off with the new mechanic.

You can take a look at FGC Translated's video below to hear Daigo be so casual about his bread-winning hands. The original archive can be found here.

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