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Arc System Works looking into compensation options for players following Guilty Gear Strive beta issues

Beta is still experiencing server issues and is inaccessible

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 19, 2021 at 10:29 a.m. PST • Comments: 42

Guilty Gear Strive is currently running an open beta that fans have been excited to hop into. On Tuesday of this week, a select assortment of players were given the chance to access the beta early, and the test kicked off with positive impressions praising the gameplay and the game's new rollback netcode.

Unfortunately, things have since soured as the past couple of days have seen unexpected server drops and periods of time where players were unable to get into the beta despite it being a time where it was supposed to be live. Arc System Works has been sharing updates and statements on the matter, and in a recent tweet the company stated that they are currently looking into compensation options for players who have been experiencing these beta server issues.

"We understand that players have been unable to play the open beta due to server downtimes," a tweet from the official Guilty Gear Twitter account begins. "We are looking into options to compensate the downtime. More information will be announced at a later time. We seek for your kind patience. Thank you."

Trouble began Thursday when players who were given early access to the beta for pre-ordering the upcoming fighting title started getting shut out of the test unexpectedly. The servers suddenly shut down, which prompted Arc System Works to release a public statement at 12:45 p.m. on February 18 letting fans know that there was a problem with the connection and the beta was inaccessible.

The statement went on to say that the company was investigating the issue and would update the masses when the beta was back on. At 7:15 p.m. that same day, ArcSys returned to notify the community that the beta was once again available to play and that the server issues had been resolved.

Unfortunately, reports on Twitter began to surface this morning from players who were once again being thrown out of the beta and unable to access it. Though Guilty Gear Strive's latest beta test features a training mode and local versus, none of the modes are accessible when the servers are down as the entire thing is tied to online.

The quoted statement above was released this morning at 3:46 a.m., and since then, Arc System Works has sent out another statement acknowledging that the servers are running into issues today as well.

"Regarding the GGST free trial version (β test), the connection is unstable," the Guilty Gear account said (through Google Translate). "We are investigating the cause, but depending on the situation, we may shift to emergency maintenance.

"We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation."

Guilty Gear Strive's beta is slated to run throughout the entirety of this weekend, ending on Sunday, February 21, at 6:59 p.m. PDT. Arc System Works has not yet said how they intend to make up the downtime for those who were excited to try out the game before launch, but given the level of communication they've shown this week, it likely won't be long before we find out.

At the time of writing this, Guilty Gear Strive's beta is still offline. We will provide updates on its status as they come.

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