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Giovanna's Guilty Gear Strive starter guide details her most crucial attacks and shows why you don't want her up in your face

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 15, 2021 at 9:45 a.m. PST • Comments: 46

As the April 9 release date for the highly anticipated Guilty Gear Strive draws closer and closer, the team at Arc System Works has been helping to pass the time with starter guides for the game's characters, and has most recently shared a showcase for franchise newcomer Giovanna.

The Brazilian beauty has been described as an entry-level character (implying she'll be relatively easier for new players to pick up) as well as a rush down style fighter. Based on what we're seeing in this video, it looks as though Gio will threaten from just outside poking range with forward-moving attacks that let her in, and once she gets up close, she's going to bring the pain.

Arc Sys covers six of the character's attacks, each of which has a Portuguese name (nice touch). Each of these looks to serve a specific purpose (or two) as Giovanna plays a game of calculated aggression.

Giovanna's Sol Poente attack stood out as particularly notable to us as it sees her do a hopping front flip kick that can cross opponents up. The initial utility here becomes immediately apparent as Sol Poente can serve to slip past low pokes and earn Giovanna an in, but also looks to be a scary okizeme tool.

If Giovanna is close to her foe as they wake up, she can use this attack to create an ambiguous left/right mix up that's safely advantageous even if the opponent successfully blocks. The slower start up of Poente seems its main weakness, but strategic use can mitigate this en route to the attack's many rewards.

We've seen Giovanna showcased in a few different capacities prior to this and know she has more maneuvers than what are described in the video. That said, this is enough to give us a nice early idea of how she can be used and what kinds of strategies players can try implementing both as and against her.

If you haven't already seen the starter guide for Strive's other brand new character, the vampiric Nagoriyuki, you can do so here.

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