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V-Shift-Break's input apparently revealed for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

But will it be the same for V-Shift itself?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 13, 2021 at 11:54 a.m. PST • Comments: 41

Street Fighter 5's new V-Shift mechanic looks poised to turn the game on its head here in just over a week, but Capcom didn't say how players are going to activate the additional mechanic.

The Japanese PlayStation Blog apparently held some of the answers for Season 5's biggest addition by revealing the input to use the counter V-Shift-Break attack.

V-Shift-Break can be used during the perfectly timed V-Shift by pressing heavy punch and medium kick together according to the Winter Update post as shown by Cesarfuenla.

Oddly, they do not say how to use V-Shift itself, but there's a strong chance that it too will simply be HP+MK.

The repeated inputs would put V-Shift in the same style of usage as many V-Triggers considering most characters who have VT-specific moves use them with the HP+HK input too.

If this is indeed the case, that means physically inputting the new defensive mechanic will be a good bit easier than V-Reversal considering it needs a back to forward motion plus all three punches / kicks.

Many players were wondering how easy Capcom was going to make V-Shift to activate given its apparent strength.

Some pondered if a motion like quarter circle forward or backwards plus buttons could be best, so it's not just one macro button press away at pretty much all times.

That certainly could still be the case here and just the follow-up Break doesn't need additional directions.

Double/triple punch or kick activations wouldn't be an option because that would overlap with Ed and Falke's specials.

With its invincibility and ability to use it any time a player has one bar of V-Gauge, shifting may likely end up being the biggest change to how we play the game since release.

If Capcom doesn't provide any extra clarification, we won't have too long to wait since V-Shift will be coming with Dan, Eleven and the Season 5 update on February 22.

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