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V-Shift revealed as Street Fighter 5's newest battle mechanic

New defensive mechanic that uses V-Gauge

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 11, 2021 at 9:26 a.m. PST • Comments: 117

The Street Fighter 5 community has known for some six months now that their game would be undergoing a relatively large change as developers promised a new battle mechanic back in August of 2020, and said mechanic was revealed during today's Winter Update stream to be V-Shift.

This new mechanic allows players to escape sticky situations. Similar to V-Skill, this maneuver is used to counter attacks, but where it's unique is that it can be used freely and does not require being in block stun to activate.

This new mechanic drains one bar of V-Gauge per use. During its animation, V-Shift makes the player invincible to throws, attacks, and projectiles.

When this maneuver is used just as an incoming attack is about to land, the fighters will go into a slow motion state and the character who used V-Shift will become temporarily invincible. This turns it into something of a parry like technique, though a bit more complicated than what we saw in Street Fighter 3.

The V-Shifting player in the slow motion state can alternatively perform a "V-Shift-Break" that sees them launch forward with an invincible attack. The idea here seems to be that if the V-Shift is used to thwart an incoming attack with a lot of recovery, the defending player can ensure a punish if they do not have an attack in their standard arsenal that reaches far enough forward.

Capcom confirmed that V-Shift-Breaks will cause a knockdown, but they have yet to reveal whether the counter attacks will cause damage to a character's health normally or do gray recoverable damage like V-Reversals.

This looks like it will add a good deal of depth to many interactions as it provides a new way of defending in this offense-heavy game. Players will have to pay more mind to how they wish to use their V-Gauge, and V-Shift interactions have multiple possible routes and outcomes as players have choices to make immediately after engaging this new mechanic.

Below are a handful of screenshots showing of V-Shift and its various uses:

V-Shift Showcase image #1 V-Shift Showcase image #2 V-Shift Showcase image #3 V-Shift Showcase image #4 V-Shift Showcase image #5 V-Shift Showcase image #6 V-Shift Showcase image #7 V-Shift Showcase image #8 V-Shift Showcase image #9 V-Shift Showcase image #10
Click images for larger versions

As noted by the developers during the show, what we're seeing here is footage that's already a good two months old. It could potentially change by the time it releases.

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