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Eleven revealed as bonus DLC character for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 11, 2021 at 9:34 a.m. PST • Comments: 145

Capcom has just unveiled an unexpected DLC character for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Joining Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira will be Eleven.

The announcement was made this morning during the company's Winter Update live stream. What interesting about this fighter, though, is that he comes included as bonus content and not part of the initial DLC line up.

Capcom revealed that the heavily hinted at contender, Eleven, would come as part of two DLC buying options that the company unveiled during the stream.

Street Fighter 5's Season 5 content will be made available through a "Premium Pass" and a "Character Pass." The former is the more expensive option, but includes more bang for your buck, while the latter is a bit more streamlined in what is included.

Featured in both passes you'll find all five of the originally planned DLC characters. In addition to this, you'll receive all 10 colors for each of the fighters' default costumes, bonus character Eleven (and a fighter profile theme of him), and PS4 / Steam wallpapers.

Those who purchase the Premium Pass can also look forward to gaining access to 26 additional costumes — which look to be for a mixture of the new DLC characters and current fighters — two new stages, all 10 colors for each of the five DLC fighters' Story Mode outfits, colors 11 - 15 for those same characters' default, Story, and Battle outfits, eight titles, five fighter profile themes, and 100,000 Fight Money.

The Character Pass, on the other hand, comes with five Battle Costumes (for the five DLC warriors), as well as six in-game titles.

Street Fighter 5 Season 5's Premium Pass will run you $39.99 USD. If you'd like the less expensive Character Pass, you can snag that for $24.99.

How does Eleven work in Street Fighter 5?

Eleven will essentially be a random select mimic character. While he does occupy his own character slot and have an in-game model, when chosen he will take on the form of one of the player's currently owned characters.

When selected, whichever character is picked for the mimic will play exactly as that character normally does. They will take on a similar appearance to Eleven, however, displaying as a plain white palette as Eleven takes on the form of that fighter.

"Much like Eleven’s appearance in Urien’s Story, Eleven acts as a mimic of sorts, and will transform itself into any character that you currently own in SFV," the Capcom Unity blog explains. "In addition, a random V-Skill and V-Trigger will also be selected for you."

At this point in time, it is unclear whether Eleven makes another random switch in between rounds. We did get a chance to see him on the character select screen in a follow up broadcast, though, as well as what it looks like when he is thrown into battle.

Eleven is set to be included in the upcoming update with Dan.

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Eleven is an early prototype of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike's shape-shifting fighter, Twelve. He can take on any form, but his default look sees a simple, smooth exterior with a large, V-shaped head.

This mysterious contender has actually made an appearance in Street Fighter 5 prior to today's reveal. Eleven is a part of Urien's in-game story mode, which sees him use one of the Eleven experiments to transform into a copy of himself as a means of testing its strength.

After being beaten down by Urien, Eleven is repurposed by Kolin to resurrect Nash.

Earlier this week, the official Street Fighter Twitter account dropped a large hint pointing to Eleven's inclusion. Fans were quick to notice that Capcom capitalized "Eleven" when sharing the date of the stream in their reminder.

Street Fighter 5 Season 5's content will begin rolling out on February 22. This first major update will include playable character Dan, as well as general balance changes and the new V-Shift mechanic.

Players will also be receiving a new training stage for free when the update launches.

Capcom noted during today's presentation that all of the content we're seeing is a work in progress and was pre-recorded back in December, so things could potentially change between now and the release of any and all content shown.

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