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If you think Guilty Gear Strive isn't "Guilty Gear" enough, you need to take another look at all the crazy things Millia Rage can do

Her new starter guide shows off some filthy looking mixups

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 10, 2021 at 8:32 a.m. PST • Comments: 31

There is something of a worry within the dedicated Guilty Gear base that Guilty Gear Strive may be shifting too far away from its core principles as a series, but at least one character in the game breaks that way of thinking.

Arc System Works has now released a new starter guide video for Millia Rage which showcases that she still has absolutely filthy mixups, a ton of movement options, Okizeme for days and big air combos in one beautiful package.

Things get off to an immediate bang with Millia's Bad Moon and Turbo Fall, which both change up her jumping, though it's the latter that will likely end up one of her more potent mixup moves for its speed and ability to side switch depending on spacing.

The nightmare of these mixups will probably fall squarely on her Oki game thanks primarily to her Heavy Slash Tandem Top. As many GG fans are probably already having flashbacks, the special stays out a long time and immediately allows her to move in the air for pretty much any combination of overhead, low, throw game you can think of that can't really be escaped from.

Millia will also come packing a new air move called Kapel which summons a giant rose beneath her that she then kicks off of. Not only is the special an attack in itself, but it also gives her a free jump forward from which she can then perform an air dash from to throw you off more.

We also get a chance to see a nice-looking air combo that actually starts from an Iron Savior of all things Roman Cancel'd with its new activation into a full aerial conversion to the corner.

From an overall perspective, Strive does appear to be aiming for a more grounded game compared to the previous entries while missing some of the combo options, but Millia and others on the cast, like Anji Mito, Zato-1 and Giovanna, look like they can go pretty nuts too when they go in.

There's also a good bit more we're still finding out about the game like Ky's new Dragon Install and Axl's wild time stopping Super, so we should be seeing a lot more once the open beta rolls in next weekend.

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