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Capcom potentially hints at Eleven with latest Winter Update messaging for Street Fighter 5

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 9, 2021 at 7:21 a.m. PST • Comments: 86

The Street Fighter 5 community is anxiously waiting for this week's Winter Update live stream wherein Capcom has promised a bunch of new information regarding the game's fifth and final season of DLC content.

The official Street Fighter Twitter account has been posting messages about this Thursday's presentation somewhat regularly in recent times, but today's comes with what might be a hint at Street Fighter 5's final character.

The date for the Winter Update stream is February 11, and today's message includes said date written out with a glaring eye emoji staring back at the number. Those who played Street Fighter 3 Third Strike are familiar with a character by the name of Twelve, a shapeshifting humanoid weapon.

As his name suggests, Twelve is one of multiple experiments performed by evil scientific forces that we so often find lurking in the shadows of Street Fighter stories. In Urien's SF5 character story we run into Eleven, an earlier prototype of Twelve, some of whose physical parts were used in the Frankenstein-like recreation of Charlie Nash.

As you'll notice in the images below, Eleven's physical appearance is very similar to Twelve's, but he sports a unique "V" shaped head. This may or may not be coincidental, but it certainly does follow SF5's "V" theme with the obvious Roman numeral, its V-System, and even Necalli's "V" facial markings.

Eleven SF5 image #1 Eleven SF5 image #2 Eleven SF5 image #3 Eleven SF5 image #4
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Street Fighter 5 is slated to finish with a roster of 45 total characters, 44 of which we already know the identities of. Naturally, this cryptic messaging has the community wondering if Capcom plans to make Eleven the 45th and final roster addition.

Eleven is a character that is based on another fighter from a previous title who has already been playable, but is still a unique character. We already saw a direct example of this with SF5's G as he relates to SF3's Q, as well as between Abigail and Hugo, though perhaps to a lesser extent.

Given that he's something of a mimic character, making Eleven the final DLC character makes some sense from a developmental standpoint. Capcom seems to have chosen to pursue a fifth season for SF5 as something of an audible call after the turbulence caused by COVID-19 set in, and being able to use pre-existing assets from other characters to flesh out a newcomer would be especially helpful in such a situation.

More answers are surely en route for this Thursday at 9 am PST where we already know we'll be learning about battle mechanics, Rose, and more.

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