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New Dan Hibiki audio clip promises 'juicy info' and 'more Street Fighter 5 news' pointing to this week's big Winter Update reveal

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 8, 2021 at 8:10 a.m. PST • Comments: 41

It has now been six months since Capcom ran their Summer Update and we first learned that Street Fighter 5 would be getting a whole new season's worth of content starting with Dan Hibiki as a DLC character.

We're getting specific details this week about the first of four Season 5 content drops and Capcom has given us a special audio clip featuring Dan's SF5 voice actor to remind us to prepare for this Thursday at 9 am Pacific Standard Time.

This is more than just a "tune in" kind of message as a bit of a drama plays out to kick things off. Dan is caught up in the middle of playing (maybe fighting?) a match, and isn't exactly thrilled to have to cut things short in order to record for the people.

He does so, however, and lets us know that "more Season 5 news is coming soon." You can hear the almost 40 second bit via the embed here:

Dan's addition to the roster is surely the most head-turning component of all this, but we do know a few details of what's to come beyond just the Sultan of Saikyo. A brand new battle mechanic that has the potential to really mix the general SF5 flow up is to drop alongside him, and recent messaging surrounding the topic has us speculating if Capcom is adding more than just one major sweeping alteration.

Developers have promised an update to the game's balance, meaning the entire roster will likely see buffs and nerfs for the sake of making the fights more interesting. A handful of new costumes for various characters as well as a new Capcom Pro Tour stage are also slated to be a part of this content batch.

We don't have an official date as to when this will all make it into the game (though said date is likely going to be solidified on Thursday), but bets are on February 21 following the conclusion of the Capcom Pro Tour Season Final.

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