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From Axl's new time-stopping Super to Nagoriyuki's double-edged sword blood mechanic, 4 major takeaways from Guilty Gear Strive's latest showcase

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 8, 2021 at 9:45 a.m. PST • Comments: 7

A whole slew of new Guilty Gear Strive footage dropped just yesterday as GameSpot released nine minutes of gameplay featuring Ky, Sol, Axl, Zato-1, and newcomer Nagoriyuki.

We certainly noticed Ky Kiske's new Dragon Install technique, but Rooflemonger details this and three other noteworthy takeaways from the showcase, one of of which is an update to the way the brand new and vampiric Nagoriyuki's blood meter mechanic works.

The cybernetic vampire certainly has a ton of intrigue about him as he's one of Strive's roster additions to the Guilty Gear franchise, and he's got a unique mechanic that serves as something of a double-edged sword: his blood gauge. This gauge fills over the course of the fight and grants the character turbo-charged abilities, but also drains his life continually if it fills.

Rooflemonger points out a fairly large update to this mechanic compared to the little we've seen of it before, notably that the gauge fills up gradually as opposed to in instant chunks. There's a good bit more on this fighter as he was used in the showcase, such as potential properties of his berserk mode activation sequence, but we'll let the content creator get into the details there.

Another major point of interest from the footage is the showcase of Axl Low's new time stopping Super. The returning Guilty Gear character now has the ability to freeze his opponents in place in order to gear up for a hard-hitting combo of his choice.

We only have visuals to go off of in our analysis here, of course, but it looks like this Super must be first stocked before implemented into the action. Axl stocks the technique and garners a purple glow about him to indicate that it's now in play (not all that unlike M. Bison's V-Skill 2 in Street Fighter 5), but then activates it and freezes his foe seemingly anywhere on the screen.

During the footage the maneuver is used while opponents are in hit stun from preceding attacks, leading us to speculate that Axl will not simply be able to activate this at any time and have it work. Foes very well may be able to block the freeze if they are not caught up in the middle of a combo or in some kind of long start up or recover animation of one of their own attacks.

Check out the full video here for all the interesting tidbits that you might have missed in the initial watch through. Have anything else that hasn't been highlighted by anyone yet? Chime into the comments with your thoughts, notes, and reactions.

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