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Momochi's Ryu parries his own Aegis reflected fireball for an absolute galaxy brain punish in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

The highest of IQ

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 4, 2021 at 7:50 a.m. PST • Comments: 43

Ryu's V-Trigger 2 in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is a beefed up parry that transitions into a hard-hitting punch if it lands successfully. Though his V-Skill is also a parry, there are some interesting applications for V-Trigger 2, and this clip here shows just one of the impressive ways you can employ it.

During one of his live streams, Victrix|Momochi took the Street Fighter poster boy into the online world of Street Fighter 5 and found himself up against a Urien player. With Urien's Aegis Reflector in play, Momochi took it upon himself to bait his opponent into doing something risky by throwing a fireball at the mirror and parrying his own projectile, resulting in an absolute galaxy brain play.

Stuck in the corner, Momochi manages to land a sweep against the Urien that gets cancelled into V-Trigger 2 activation. The veteran fighting game player takes some time to pick his spots carefully, as Urien already has V-Trigger 1 active and can toss out another reflector at a moment's notice.

Eventually, the Urien throws out an EX fireball to lock Momochi down and cover himself while he unleashes a short-ranged Aegis Reflector. With the mirror in place, the Urien creates an opportunity to use V-Skill and build up his armor, but at the same time Momochi is setting his scheme in motion.

Momochi tosses a Hadoken right at the reflector, and as it comes back to him he hits it with Ryu's VT2 parry. At this same moment, the Urien player dashes in to follow behind the reflected fireball and gain the advantage, but instead falls right into Momochi's trap.

Urien gets tagged by the parry, put into the crumple state that it initiates when it connects with the opponent, and hit with a follow up Shoryuken for the KO.

While the whole play might look like a patch of good luck on Momochi's end, the top end competitor carefully orchestrated each step to ensure victory here. Knowing that Urien players are prone to dashing in behind reflected fireballs — as that is typically a strong strategy — Momochi's read on the spacing and timing here was spot on and allowed him to create an excellent highlight for all of us to enjoy.

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