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Jaw-dropping Oni mod for Street Fighter 5 gets a full trailer, showcases ridiculous V-Triggers, killer combos, and even two Critical Arts

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 1, 2021 at 9:46 a.m. PST • Comments: 34

We got a brief 24-second glimpse of a pretty slick, but unfinished, Oni mod for Street Fighter 5's Mysterious Mod a few days back. The creators have been hard at work, however, and we now have a three minute mock trailer for demonic character.

The trailer, posted up by Killbox101, opens with a a bit of an implied story line as a few scenes from Akuma's SF5 story are spliced together. The showcase then follows Capcom's traditional trailer template (we even get the alternate costume screen at the end) as we see a handful of normals, combos, and then V-System abilities to offer a glimpse of what the character is capable of.

Given that this all stems from the Mysterious Mod, combos go on a hell of a lot longer than usual. While Oni almost certainly wouldn't mingle well with the rest of the SF5 proper roster in its current state, extended beat downs and tons of re-juggles are perfectly pleasing to the eye when it comes to the SF5MM vacuum.

As you'll notice during the start of the video, this all is the result of a team effort. From animations to character design to editing and execution, avid fans of the franchise have come together to bring this nesting of mods to fruition.

The Street Fighter 5 community is anxiously awaiting this month's update that will bring new DLC character Dan Hibiki along with a new game balance and an additional battle mechanic. There's been a good bit of speculation as to what this new mechanic will be, but it seems the creators of this video are betting on a second Critical Art.

Oni showcases his traditional Super, Sekia Kuretsuha, (which also happens to be Akuma's SF5 Super) but later reveals a fireball finisher that he can perform both on the ground or in the air.

Give the Oni mod trailer a watch via the embed below and let us know in the comments if you found it as enticing and exciting as we did. After watching, we definitely found ourselves considering the character for the fifth and final Season 5 DLC character slot.

If you are a PC user and would like to download the Mysterious Mod and/or this Oni mod, there are links to do so in the YouTube video description.

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