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Who are the remaining character silhouettes for Dungeon Fighter Duel?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 14, 2021 at 2:18 p.m. PST • Comments: 14

When Dungeon Fighter Duel dropped its surprise announcement of its Open Beta Test alongside the reveal of the Hitman, four more character silhouettes were also shown off to tease even more members of the roster.

The first one has already been revealed to be the Dragon Knight last night, but who are the remaining three mystery fighters coming to DNF Duel?

Considering Dungeon Fighter Online is packed with dozens of classes and sub-classes to choose from, you'd expect it to be fairly difficult to pinpoint the fighters' identities, but each of them has pretty distinct features to help them stand out.

With the help of UniversalWolf21 in the comments, High Tier Deity on Twitter and our own research, we believe the choices have been significantly narrowed down to only a few possibilities.

For the character next to Dragon Knight, the most clear choices appear to be either the Vanguard or Dragoon from the Demonic Lancer class.

The Soul Bender or Blade Master could also fit, but they are much less likely considering we already got the Berserker from the Slayer class.

As for the one next to the right of Hitman, the Kunoichi appears to be the only one that really matches up.

Finally, the character on the far right will end up being either the Crusader or more likely the Avenger from the Priest class.

Taking out the 10 fighters that have been revealed or teased thus far, there still remains six main classes which can be added to DNF Duel before needing to pull from sub-classes of those already in the spin-off.

Those are the female Slayer, the female Gunner, male and female Mages, Dark Knight, and Creator.

DNF Duel's open beta is scheduled to begin this Friday night, December 17, though we still don't know how many of these characters will be available to try out during this time. There is, however, the strong probability that new trailers are going to drop every day this week in the lead up to the beta's start.

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