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Here are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest balance changes demonstrated side-by-side with their previous version

The Beefy Smash Doods run us through the change list

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 3, 2021 at 8:08 a.m. PST • Comments: 6

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just saw its 13.0.1 update this week and with it came a hefty set of character balance changes. While fans expected a simple set of bug fixes, this patch actually marks the final balance update set to be added to Smash Ultimate.

While a large list of patch notes is nice, it's often nicer to actually see how these changes look in-game. Thankfully, the Beefy Smash Doods have put together a video not only demonstrating the changes, but also showing a side-by-side comparison with their previous version.

In the latest patch, Donkey Kong received a sweet buff to his neutral special. The armor on his fully charged punch activates sooner now, and we see how this can be utilized better as a counter attack now.

Inkling now recovers faster after their ink load up, and we see that the new version allows them to block that much sooner after stocking the canister. Their neutral special also has more range on it, and the comparison is shown in the banner above.

Min Min was hit with several nerfs that might be hard to notice normally, but when slowed down and shown side-by-side with the previous version become very clear., Her punches deal less damage to shields now, and we see more landing lag on her neutral air.

You can check out the full demonstration of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 13.0.1 changes below.

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