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Panda Global is creating their own controller and the Kickstarter campaign has already more than tripled its stretch goal

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 1, 2021 at 10:01 a.m. PST • Comments: 25

While the GameCube controller is the preferred control scheme for most Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players (especially those at the top level), the GameCube controller is far from a perfect device. GameCube controllers of this generation are said to be made with newer, yet inferior parts compared to older generation GC controllers. Even then, older controllers weren't made perfectly the same which is why it was said that players would have to win the "controller lottery" to find the right fit.

However, these woes might be a thing of the past with the Panda Global announcement that they're building their own controller. The idea is to give the 20-year-old controller a modern revision with quality "pro grade parts" as recommended by controller modders.

Unsurprisingly, Panda Global has opted to use the GC controller layout as a base to build "The Panda Controller." They've also included a left-Z button and 2 additional buttons seen at the back of the controller mapped to X and Y.

According to the released video, Panda Global took the "best sticks that were ever made and figured out a way to make them even better." They claim that this is the most accurate and durable stick that can be found in the market.

The D-Pad has been enlarged and remade, while the face buttons have been designed in such a way so that players can go from one button to the other as seamlessly as possible.

This Panda Global device is also designed specifically with easy customization in mind. It's stated that the front and back parts of the "shell" are held together through powerful magnets. In other words, there's no need to pull out a screwdriver for basic modifications as there are no screws on the outer part of the controller.

As of the time of writing this, The Panda Controller has already more than tripled its original Kickstarter goal of $100,000. Backing the project and receiving a controller will cost $90. However, be aware that controllers aren't scheduled to reach players until December 2022.

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