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Guilty Gear Strive Version 1.09 patch notes released

The day has come

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 25, 2021 at 6:17 p.m. PDT • Comments: 37

Arc System Works promised Guilty Gear Strive players they'd be receiving a new balance patch before the end of the month, and now we finally know what's going to be in it.

The developers released the Version 1.09 patch notes for Strive tonight for August's update and adjusts every character on the cast.

Most players were probably hoping to see some notable nerfs hitting Sol Badguy in this update, but it seems like ArcSys gave him a mix of buffs as well.

While his Volcanic Viper is more punishable on whiff or block and Bandit Bringer not potentially leaving him at advantage now, Sol will be able to Roman Cancel out of his Wild Throw command grab as well as his crouching slash being made a bit better.

General buffs and fixes look to be the general name of the game for this rebalancing, and characters like Anji, I-No and Ky seem to be on the winning end of that front.

These changes will go into effect when Jack-O drops for Season Pass owners on August 27.

You can find the full list of patch notes below or on the Guilty Gear website.

Guilty Gear Strive Ver. 1.09 - General Changes

Reduced input delay on the PS4 Pro / PS5 versions
- While this update does not apply to the standard PS4 version, we are looking into addressing this in the future.

Network Mode
- Fixed an issue where the Counter Setting action options would be displayed incorrectly after matching in Training Mode with the Training Environment set to reflect the prior match.

Replay Mode
- Fixed an error where replay data would not be saved properly.
- Replay data saved in battle version 1.03 of the game may not be played back correctly after applying this update.

- Fixed an issue where the effect would not display properly when a Counter Hit and Wall Break happened simultaneously.
- Fixed an issue where the position of the opponent's character would change greatly after following up on a Dust Attack.
- Fixed an issue where some sound effects such as flames hitting would be played back repeatedly in certain situations.

- Adjusted the BGM volume of some songs, such as battle themes from previous games.
- Fixed errors in certain in-game text.

Major Confirmed Issue
- Network features are completely inaccessible under certain play environments. We are continuing to look into and address this issue.
- Any players experiencing this issue, please contact customer support with the following information: type of console, internet provider, model number of router or network adapter in use and if possible, an image of teh error message or a video showing when the error occurs.

Character Balance and Bug Fixes
- Adjustments to battle balance are planned to take place in August and October. This update focuses on changes to identified issues, such as individual moves.
- We are also currently looking into improving and making changes to overall mechanics as well as certain actions such as projectile special moves and grounded overhead attacks in the update scheduled for October.

Anji Mito

Far Standing Slash
- Reduced recovery.

- Made it possible to cancel into its various follow-up attacks even when whiffed. The motion now begins before the attack is active.
- Increased forward movement.

Shin: Ichishiki
- Increased the attack's active time.
- Extended hit box.

Issei Ougi: Sai
- Extended hit box.

Axl Low

- Can combo into Snail from grounding hits such as Standing Punch.
- Sped up the attack's start up.

One Vision
- The ready stance can now be canceled into from special moves, as with the activation.
- Decreased the time of the Tension Penalty while in the readied state.

Chipp Zanuff

Far Standing Slash
- Reduced the lower part of the hit box.

Crouching Slash
- Made it more easily affected by dash momentum.

Aerial Down Kick
- Adjusted the attack's range and increased the lower hurt box as well as behind and in front of Chipp.
- Reduced knockback.


Standing Heavy Slash
- Increased active time.
- Inceased damage on follow-up hit.

Crouching Heavy Slash
- Decreased Hurt box on start-up and extended the hit box in front of Faust.

Aerial Down Kick
- Sped up the attack's start-up.
- Reduced the hurt box before the attack comes out.
- Adjusted opponent blow back on hit.

Bone-Crushing Excitement
- Causes Wall Break on hit in the corner.
- Creates distance between Faust and the opponent when Wall Break does not occur
- Increased Faust's advantage.


Forward Punch
- Sped up attack's start up.

Forward Heavy Slash final follow-up hit
- Knocks the opponent down on hit.

Goldlewis Dickinson

Dust Attack
- Adjusted the landing recovery after the Finishing Blow hits to match other characters.

Crouching Kick
- Reduced Knockback.

Forward Punch
- Sped up attack's start-up.

- The hit effect now changes depending on the Security Level.

Down With The System
- Fixed a bug where Wall Break would not occur and there would be a graphical error when hitting an opponent at a certain distance in the corner, despite the follow-up animation occurring.


Grounded / Aerial Hover-dash
- Increased movement speed and distance.

Standing Heavy Slash
- Sped up the attack's start-up and made it float the opponent on a grounded hit.

Crouching Kick
- Reduced knockback.

- Reduced horizontal opponent blow back on hit.

Aerial Dust
- Adjusted the hit effect on grounded opponents, increasing the time allowed for follow-up attacks.

Stroke the Big Tree (Heavy Slash Version)
- Reduced knockback.

Ultimate Fortissimo
- Increased forward movement.

Ky Kiske

Far Standing Slash
- Reduced recovery.
- Made it more easily affected by dash momentum.

Crouching Kick
- Decreased knockback.

Stun Dipper
- Made it easier for the second hit to combo by changing the distance traveled, the hit box and blow back of the opponent.
- Decreased the distance created between Ky and the opponent after the second hit connects.

Dragon Install
- Decreased the Tension Penalty time after activation.
- Sped up attack's start-up upon activation.
- Expanded the hit box on activation in front of Ky and reduced the upper hit box.
- No longer activates when inputting forward directions after the command is complete.

Leo Whitefang

Forward / backward movement during Brynhildr Stance
- Leo now moves forward towards the opponent when using the Dash button.

Kick during Brynhildr Stance
- Can be dash or jump canceled.


Far Standing Slash
- Decreased the lower hit box and hurt box

Standing Heavy Slash
- Increased active time and decreased recovery.

Crouching Slash
- Decreased active time and expanded the hurt box in front of May.

Overhead Kiss
- Reduced horizontal blow back, making follow-up attacks possible at mid-screen.
- Reduced damage.

The Wonderful and Dynamic Goshogawara
- Fixed a bug that caused the attack to hit after Wall Break occasionally.

Millia Rage

Standing Heavy Slash
- Reduced recovery.

Tandem Top (Slash Version)
- Increased movement speed of the hit box.

Iron Savior
- Fixed a bug that caused unnatural behavior on clash.

Lust Shaker
- Sped up attack's start up.


Forward Punch
- Sped up attack's start up.

Far Standing Slash (Final follow-up hit)
- Increased amount of Blood Gauge recovered.

- No longer goes into the follow-up animation when the edge of the first hit connects with the opponent.
- When the last hit connects, it blows the opponent back regardless of their position.


Landing Recovery
- Fixed an issue where the hurt box around Potemkin's feet would disappear upon landing.

Forward Kick
- Reduced recovery.

Heat Knuckle
- Made it easier to gain Tension Gauge when blocked.
- Greatly increases the opponent's R.I.S.C. level on block.

Ramlethal Valentine

Aerial Heavy Slash
- Reduced the lower hit box behind and in front of Ramlethal.

- Increased forward movement.

Agresa Ordono
- Floats the opponent on grounded hit, only when both swords are equipped.

Sol Badguy

Crouching Kick
- Reduced knockback.

Far Standing Slash
- Increased knockback.
- Increased the standard damage scaling.

Crouching Slash
- Increased the attack's active time. The hit box during the additional active time has been slightly extended in front of Sol.

Forward Slash
- Decreased the hit box on the top and bottom of the attack, and increased the hurt box around Sol's feet.

Grounded Volcanic Viper (S Version)
- Extended the attack's active time and increased the time spent in the air.

Aerial Bandit Bringer
- Greatly increased knockback.
- Increased landing recovery.

Wild Throw
- Became possible to follow up by using Roman Cancel.
- Increased positive frames on hit.

Heavy Mob Cemetery
- The move no longer comes out when inputting forward directions after the command is complete.


Standing Heavy Slash
- Increased the attack's active time.
- Increased the hit box in front of Zato during the additional active time.

Forward Punch
- Sped up the attack's start up.
- Causes opponent to lift off the ground on grounded hit.

Summon Eddie
- When recalling Eddie with 214+HS while Eddie is summoned, the summon will cancel faster.

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