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The sexy Jack-O Challenge pose everyone is raving about officially returns in Guilty Gear Strive, Arc System Works finally unveils it

The wait is over, y'all

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 25, 2021 at 4:10 a.m. PDT • Comments: 29

You might have seen many folks in the fighting game community over the last week or so sharing artwork, photos, and screenshots of a pose that sees the participant low to the ground with their booty high in the air. No, the internet didn't all simultaneously develop spinal issues (though those who have done it might walk away with some), but instead are trying their luck at Guilty Gear's new "Jack-O Challenge" that seems to be increasing in popularity as we speak.

Jack-O was revealed as Guilty Gear Strive's latest DLC character a little over a week ago, and the new gameplay trailer had fans quickly wondering if we'd see the return of the fighter's most noteworthy pose from back in Guilty Gear Xrd. Well, Arc System Works has now officially revealed that the sexy stance is indeed back, and you can now see exactly what it looks like here in Strive.

The funny thing about the #Jack-OChallenge is that it started without the actual pose that inspired it being shown in the character's new reveal trailer. Simply the anticipation for this pose caused a stir among fans and drew people to start creating art pieces that featured other characters doing the same stance, sharing screenshots of Jack-O from Xrd, and even attempting to do the pose themselves to take a photo of it.

For a very, very brief moment, we are able to see what looks to be the pose during the gameplay showcase as Jack-O fires off a crouching attack. However, this was not quite enough to convince the people that their highly coveted Jack-O stance was actually back here in the latest entry of the game.

Well, all of those fears of it not returning can now be thrown out as the wait is over. The official Guilty Gear Twitter account shared a quick clip of Jack-O's idle crouching stance in Guilty Gear Strive and the pose she takes on is, you guessed it, the Jack-O Challenge position. The company also noted that the character's starter guide is set to be released soon.

When Jack-O crouches in Guilty Gear Strive, the spooky combatant gets real low to the ground and rests on her elbows. She arches her back in deep, spreads her legs wide, and puts her rump in the air like she just don't care.

If the player holds the down input long enough, Jack-O will fully drop to the ground and lie on her stomach while kicking her feet gleefully awaiting the opponent's next move.

Now that the pose has been revealed for Strive, I can't help but wonder if this will boost the amount that fans are contributing to the #Jack-OChallenge. Even if it doesn't, some of the entries we've seen already have been pure gold.

The wait for the pose reveal is over, and the wait to actually play as Jack-O in Guilty Gear Strive is almost done as well. The new DLC fighter is set to release for Season Pass 1 holders on August 27, and those looking to purchase her individually will be able to do so a few days later on August 30.

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