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Street Fighter 4's Yun was intentionally made to be overpowered but what exactly made him so darn strong?

Bafael dives into how the twin was an absolute menace for months after Arcade Edition's launch

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 22, 2021 at 2:46 p.m. PDT • Comments: 21

Super Street Fighter 4 players on console were eagerly awaiting news about when they could get their hands on Arcade Edition back in 2010 and early 2011, but at the same time growing anxious about the rumblings coming out of Japan about the double trouble twins that would essentially turn the game on its head.

When the AE DLC did finally drop for the game, competitors were subjected to months of fighting Yun as one of the strongest characters Street Fighter has ever seen, and Bafael recently put together a great, in-depth video in his Bad Balance series to detail why the Third Strike star was so overpowered upon release.

The short version of it boils down to just about every option Yun had at his disposal was easily better than the rest of the cast, but Bafael breaks things down into sections as to why he was top tier including the twin's movement, pressure, potent mixups and a ridiculous Ultra 1 plus Super.

Firstly, there's Yun's fairly busted screen presence that makes him a threat no matter where he's standing because of multiple options to punish and get in the face of his opponent in a second.

There's obviously the signature rush punch, which the developers somehow thought it was a good idea to make +1 on block for the EX version to instantly make it his turn for simply spending a bar of meter.

Dive Kick was pretty much the real star of the show, however, since it gave Yun the busted ability to loop into itself on Oki constantly by making players guess whether or not it was going to cross up — which would then lead to a painful punish when they eventually guess wrong.

And that's not even to mention how good the move was to use in neutral too.

Capcom also made the inexplicable decision to allow Yun to get a juggle follow-up after landing his Ultra 1, but he could easily combo directly into it with EX rush punch.

We won't be going over the rest of the reasons here, but Bafael gives excellent visual examples and explanations below for more busted aspects like how Yun's command grab was better than most grapplers in SF4 and of course the Genei Jin Super.

Former Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono once said at the time that they made some characters very strong on purpose, but it's not exactly clear if he was trolling with that response or not.

In November 2011, Capcom would release the v2012 balance update for Arcade Edition, which toned down Yun's damage output nearly across the board as well as hurt his recovery and frame advantage.

But even with all of those nerfs, Yun still remained as one of the best characters in the game through the end of its life cycle, so that should go to show just how overpowered he was initially.

Even as busted as the Third Strike veteran was, however, he'd still probably melt in the face of Sagat from vanilla Street Fighter 4, but that's a tale for another day.

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