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Rumor: New characters and release date may have been leaked for King of Fighters 15 on Japanese online store

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 21, 2021 at 10:29 a.m. PDT • Comments: 49

New information is slated to be revealed for King of Fighters 15 on August 25 during gamescom 2021. SNK specifically said that there was "information" to be unveiled, not just a single character.

However, it appears that we might not have to wait until August 25 after all. A leak from a Japanese online store has revealed a bunch of new characters and the release date for King of Fighters 15. There are potential spoilers about unannounced content for King of Fighters 15 beyond this point.

According to screenshots, it appears that Ash Crimson and Heidern are set to be announced soon in the upcoming King of Fighters title. Like those from Team Orochi, it seems that Ash is making his grand return to the series after the events that unfolded in King of Fighters 14.

Based on their position in the leaked visual, there's a strong possibility that Ash and Heidern will be teaming up with K' in this iteration. On the opposite side, we can see Kyo, Iori and Chizuru, three fighters who are also officially teaming up for the first time in the series.

There are three more characters in the image that can't be easily identified. Of these three, two of them appear to be complete newcomers to the franchise.

One of the unknown females has dark or tan skin, sunglasses, earrings and blonde-braided hair with shades of purple dye. The other female is wearing a hat over her white and blue hair and a yellow jacket in which she's hiding her hands in the pockets of.

Notably, the girl with the yellow jacket has two purple hands levitating next to her. This seems to suggest that this mysterious character has some connection to Verse, the final boss of King of Fighters 14.

Finally, there's a hooded figure seen in the background of the image. It's not entirely clear who this is, but there's a possibility that this could be Igniz, or perhaps someone connected to Igniz.

Igniz was the final boss and main antagonist of King of Fighters 2001. Though Igniz died at one point in the King of Fighters storyline, he, like many others, might've been revived as a direct result of Verse's defeat at the end of the 14th main entry.

Finally, it appears that there is an in-game screenshot of Ash circulating which further supports this rumor's credibility. At the bottom of the image, it's revealed that King of Fighters 15 is slated for a February 17, 2022 release date.

Remember to take all rumors with a grain of salt until they get officially confirmed or disconfirmed.

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Source via Reddit.

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