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Modder reportedly fixes Guilty Gear Strive's bad load times with the aptly named tool Totsugeki

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 12, 2021 at 6:08 p.m. PDT • Comments: 22

Many thousands of players are enjoying their time with Guilty Gear Strive, but waiting two minutes at the start screen can really wreck the mood when wanting to simply hop on for matches or labbing.

That's where Weilu "Optix2000" Jia stepped in to investigate why those initial load times are so long and created the Totsugeki program that claims to shorten the whole experience by up to 75 percent.

According to TarballX on Reddit, Strive attempts to make 127 API calls to servers in Japan one at a time where it creates a new TCP and TLS connection for each and every one.

Basically, the game is trying to ping Japanese servers over 100 times, and it needs to make four round trips for all of them, which will make wait times longer the farther away you live from Japan.

Jia's Totsugeki program attempts to solve this by proxying all API requests through a single connection that makes it so one ping needs only one round tip.

Their example given for someone living in Europe with a 300ms ping to the main servers would take 2.5 minutes to get to the main menu while Totsugeki shortens that down to only 38 seconds.

Arc System Works could fix the issue in a number of ways between changing how their login authentication system operates, implementing adjustments similar to Totsugeki or opening more server centers outside of Japan though the developers haven't really provided much in the way of stating it's something they're looking to directly address.

You can find more information on Totsugeki on the program's GitHub page, which also includes a video showing how it works in practice.

We do have to disclaim, however, that we have not personally tested Totsugeki for ourselves and do not endorse its use. Since this is an additional program outside of the game, do your research before downloading and running programs on your PC to make sure you trust the source.

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