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Update: Oro and Akira's Street Fighter 5 in-game character guides show off more details for their special moves

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 10, 2021 at 6:09 p.m. PDT • Comments: 9

Update: Capcom has now released an additional character guide for Akira this time to go over her fireball and spin kick specials, which you can find added to the original story below.

We're just six days away from the release of both Oro and Akira here in Season 5 of Street Fighter 5, and though Capcom showed a ton of footage for the newcomers last week, there's still more to be seen.

Today on the official Street Fighter 5 Twitter page, developers shared more about Oro as they gave us a quick run through of his character guide demonstrations (a specific mode each character can be taken into in the game). Here we get a few more details on how his fireballs and uppercuts work.

It looks as though Oro will be big on medium and farther range play, manipulating foes from a distance with his projectiles and decently-ranged pokes. His Nichirin Sho fireball is the first technique under the microscope here.

The light and medium versions of this attack simply vary in speed, but the heavy version moves upwards at a diagonal angle. The EX version of Nichirin Sho, however, is a whole other beast.

If players spend meter on Oro's fireball the projectile will shoot out like the others at first, but will eventually slow down and then start tracking the opponent. It doesn't last all that long, so there will surely be some ways of getting around it simply by waiting out the clock, but we can already imagine some powerful potential behind this.

The other technique showcased is Oni Yanma, Oro's uppercut. This is a charge move that can punish foes heavily for jumping at the wrong time. The light and medium versions are fairly straight forward anti-airs, but the heavy version is where things get especially spicy.

We'll let you see the demonstrations and the rest of the potential for Oni Yanma below. Sound off in the comments with your reactions and whether or not you'll be exploring Oro on the day he releases.

Akira's stationary fireball, Kiko Kai, is performed using a standard quarter circle forward motion that will change properties on its start up and number of hits depending on the punch button used.

As was shown in her character showcase, the EX version travels a much farther distance and can destroy her oppoenent's projectiles.

Senshubu is Akira's spinning kick special from Rival Schools performed by using quarter circle back and kick buttons that can be followed up with a second motion for an additional attack.

The heavy version is confirmed to whiff on crouching opponents, but can lead to greater combo potential on hit.

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