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Oro finally gets his full trailer for Street Fighter 5 showcasing more wild combo options, his V-Shift Break, V-Reversal and victory screen

Guess he's telling us we stink

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 8, 2021 at 6:39 p.m. PDT • Comments: 32

Street Fighter fans have been waiting for Oro to make a comeback in the series for 20 years at this point, and his return to the stage is almost upon us — and looking pretty slick for an old man.

Though we've already seen a good bit of his gameplay during the Summer Update event this past week, Capcom has now released the official trailer for Oro in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, which gives us more combo options, nasty mixups, a better look at his V-Shift and also his victory screen.

Things start out with a nice little intro sequence of Oro's V-Skill 1 Onibi orb bouncing across the screen until it collides with the Capcom logo before jumping into his pre-battle introduction we've seen during the previous showcase.

From there, they go straight into quick cuts of gameplay that scratches the surface of Oro's unique attributes, like his double jump, as well as showing that his V-Reversal is a sweeping kick where he props himself up on one arm.

The trailer confirms that Oro can use his jumping kick special, called Jinchuu Watari / Hitobashira Nobori in Street Fighter 3, as a part of aerial combos off normals, which is pretty nutty to see in action.

Oro gameplay trailer image #1 Oro gameplay trailer image #2 Oro gameplay trailer image #3 Oro gameplay trailer image #4 Oro gameplay trailer image #5 Oro gameplay trailer image #6
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We're then treated to a rundown of the hermit's V-System, including our first look at his V-Shift Break attack, which appears to be a backspin chop move.

After getting another look at his awesome Critical Art, the video ends with Oro performing his victory animation for the first time.

It may look like he's jumping in the air and holding his nose like something smells, but it appears as though he's looking into the distance through his fingers to see what lies ahead for him next.

Alongside Akira Kazama, Oro is scheduled to release on August 16 for Street Fighter 5, and we should be receiving a trailer for the new addition from Rival Schools soon as well.

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