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Leffen immediately releases 2 different tier lists for PC and PlayStation versions of Guilty Gear Strive after winning Evo 2021

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 8, 2021 at 12:58 p.m. PDT • Comments: 29

Earlier today, TSM|Leffen won the European Guilty Gear Strive tournament for Evo 2021, an online event. He managed to do this while being the only Chipp player in the top 16 part of the bracket.

Almost immediately after his prestigious victory, Leffen then went to Twitter to release a tier list for Guilty Gear Strive. Actually, he released two tier lists for the game. One is for the PC version of the game while the other is for the PlayStation 4. The major difference between these two versions is the input lag that's present on the PlayStation 4.

This probably won't surprise anyone, but Leffen had Sol Badguy listed as the game's strongest character on both tier lists. Just one wrong move against Guilty Gear's protagonist will typically result in a round loss since the character is capable of various touch of death combos.

Leo Whitefang and May were both listed as being the second and third best characters in both tier lists. They can be found in the S+ tier category of Leffen's lists.

What's interesting is that Leffen believes that his main character, Chipp, is actually stronger on the PlayStation 4 version, but he's still viable either way. While Chipp is under Ramlethal in the S tier category while playing on the PC, he actually moved up to an S+ tier position over Nagoriyuki and Ramlethal on the PlayStation 4.

No matter which version of the game you're playing, it seems that Faust, Anji Mito and Godlewis Dickinson are the worst characters in the game right now. Notably, these characters did not perform particularly well at Evo 2021, so Leffen's analysis appears to make sense.

Leffen's post-Evo Guilty Gear Strive tier list image #1 Leffen's post-Evo Guilty Gear Strive tier list image #2
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