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'Providing depth to simple mechanics is one of the main mechanics behind Guilty Gear Strive' - Akira Katano on Goldlewis

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 11, 2021 at 2:39 p.m. PDT • Comments: 20

Goldlewis Dickinson — "the Secretary of Absolute Defense" — was recently added to Guilty Gear Strive's roster. Though his number of attacks makes him feel simple, the inputs required to perform certain versions of the Behemoth Typhoon can be quite the challenge at first.

Guilty Gear Strive director Akira Katano recently spoke about Goldlewis Dickinson's design in the recently released seventh entry of the Developer's Backyard series. This gives us an idea of Arc System Works' goals when developing the Secretary of Absolute Defense as a playable character.

"His battle style would fall under the power fighter category. Each one of his attacks deals heavy damage, making him capable of showing a certain degree of strength even with only one-off hits," noted Katano. "His aerial attacks coming from his low-trajectory jump are especially powerful, meaning players can jump right into matches even only using his standard attacks."

Katano then goes into details about Goldlewis Dickinson's Security Level meter. Basically, two of his specials and one of his overdrives become more powerful the longer he goes without using any one of these techniques.

At maximum Security Level, Goldlewis' projectile moves are extremely powerful. If he had access to level 3 Security Level moves at all time, then Goldlewis would probably be a zoning character instead of a "power fighter." Essentially, the Security Level mechanic is designed to limit how often Goldlewis is able to use these top tier specials.

Of the attacks that don't use the Security Level meter, Goldlewis only has one special — the Behemoth Typhoon. Though this move doesn't have any affect on the Security Level at all, it still has its own unique mechanics.

The Behemoth Typhoon effectively acts as 8 different specials. The move's properties will change based on how the player performs the half circle motion.

It's been theorized that Goldlewis Dickinson has extra startup on his jump squat frames so that he can more reliably pull off variations of the Behemoth Typhon where the player must use the upward direction. Instead of mentioning this, Katano instead recommends cancelling into the special during combos.

"I believe the inputs for his 'Behemoth Typhoon' special moves have also garnered some attention. Behemoth Typhoon is a series of special moves where Goldlewis swings his coffin along the trajectory of the half-circle inputted, as seen above," said Katano. "While the mechanic itself may be simple, inputs involving upwards inputs will cause Goldlewis to jump, making it necessary to cancel into them after another move such as a normal."

"Unlike other inputs, Behemoth Typhoon requires the player to hold the final directional input," continued Katano. "This mechanic has been introduced to prevent unintentional inputs triggering the attack and to make the input distinct from his standard heavy slash normals."

"Providing depth to simple mechanics is one of the main concepts behind Guilty Gear Strive, something clearly expressed by this move and Goldlewis as a character."

If you're struggling to consistently perform any version of the Behemoth Typhoon, there's apparently no need to fret about it. According to Katano, Goldlewis was designed in such a way where he beginners don't necessarily need to use the Behemoth Typhoon special. Learning to incorporate the technique will come with experience.

"You can start playing matches with him without using Behemoth Typhoon at all, and combos as well as basic setplay are all possible using only versions of Behemoth Typhoon without upward directional inputs, or only using the aerial versions," said Katano. "Once you're able to use each version of Behemoth Typhoon by cancelling from normals, the amount of pressure you can put on the opponent multiplies, and an even higher level of potential awaits depending on your creativity and precise inputs. Our intent was to make a character who shows increased power the more you practice."

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