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Katsuhiro Harada mulls over his chances of actually getting Masahiro Sakurai and Yoshinori Ono onto his show

While also recalling his last 'drunken' phone call from Itagaki

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 7, 2021 at 6:10 p.m. PDT • Comments: 4

Yoshinori Ono, Katsuhiro Harada and Masahiro Sakurai are arguably the biggest names in the realm of fighting game developers from the past decade for Street Fighter, Tekken and Super Smash Bros. respectively, so what would it look like if they all got together in one room for a chat?

While that idea is still probably a pipe dream to get all of them at once, the Tekken Director is trying to have them as guests on Harada's Bar, and he recently discussed the prospects and difficulties of pulling it off — while also joking about his last "drunken" phone call from Tomunobu Itagaki.

The latest episode of Harada's Bar is more of a conversation between the Bandai Namco boss and his producer about who they should have on the show next with some guest ideas being tossed around like Rohto|Tokido, MarkMan and former Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata.

Of course, many fans are hoping to see the Smash Director make an appearance after Harada asked on Twitter what questions they'd have for Sakurai, but actually getting him to come on isn't so easy.

On top of his busy work schedule, Harada notes that Sakurai never really makes public appearances outside of official job-related shows.

That being said, however, he thinks he may be able to leverage his personal friendship with Sakurai to make and exception while mentioning the Smash creator was a guest at his wedding.

Somewhat surprisingly, Harada says Ono would be the harder of the two to get right now, despite the former Capcom Producer previously agreeing to do so.

"I've asked him several times," said Harada. "At first he said 'sure I can come. I'll come', but once he became company president, even if I said to him right now, 'if you come now it'd be a big problem, right?'"

After leaving Capcom last year, Ono became the president of Delightworks where we haven't heard too much out of him since.

They do joke that maybe they should make the trip to visit Ono, but Harada says that's probably a bad idea even if he wants to go and tease his friend some more.

Towards the beginning of the video, the pair discuss the idea of bringing on former Dead or Alive Director Tomunobu Itagaki as a guest, and Harada jokingly recalled the last phone call he got from his former rival in the fighting game space.

"By the way, the other day Itagaki-san called me," said Harada. "He was drunk. He said 'thanks for teasing me every chance you get.' I was like what kind of phone call is this?"

Harada says at the end that he's going to try asking Sakurai in private though the ending title card may point to their success or failure in that mission.

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