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Vira revealed for Granblue Fantasy Versus

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • August 7, 2021 at 4:40 a.m. PDT • Comments: 16

Today saw the annual Granblue Fantasy Summer stream take place on YouTube featuring 3 hours of content focusing on the popular mobile game produced by CyGames.

As had been promised, this event also featured the latest information for Granblue Fantasy Versus after the release of Seox wrapped up the game's second season last month, at which point we had been told that the next character would be revealed in August. That character has now been shown, and it is none other than the long-awaited "Maddened Knight" Vira.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Vira Gallery image #1 Granblue Fantasy Versus Vira Gallery image #2 Granblue Fantasy Versus Vira Gallery image #3
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While she didn't receive a full trailer, the short teaser shows her in-game model and presumably her intro animation and also promises that she will be released in December of this year. There was also a picture afterwards which heavily implied she will have a transformation, which anyone familiar with her lore is well familiar with.

Her voice actress, Asami Imai, who was also present at the event told fans to look forward to her inclusion as she had recorded "tons and tons" of lines for her inclusion in Granblue Fantasy Versus.

With Season 2 having ended last month as Seox was released, there was no word on whether Vira marks the start of a third season for the game or if she's an addition outside of the seasonal framework.

We do know that there will be at least one more character coming out after her, as shown at the end of Seox's trailer, but when they will be revealed or who they are remains unknown currently.

Video courtesy of GrowTube TV.

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