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'Luke will give us a glimpse into the future' — Are Capcom developers hinting at Luke's role in Street Fighter 6?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 4, 2021 at 9:29 a.m. PDT • Comments: 92

At the conclusion of yesterday's Summer Update broadcast from Capcom, it was revealed that Street Fighter 5's final character was a newcomer known as Luke. We were also treated to a sneak peek at Luke's gameplay as Capcom released a trailer that showcased many of his attacks against Ryu.

Being that the character is slated for a November 2021 release, not much is known about Luke's character at the moment. Still, Capcom made a few remarks that potentially hints at plans for Luke in the Street Fighter universe.

"Street Fighter 5 has been developed to pay homage to the past, but Luke will give us a glimpse into the future," said Director Nakayama. "He will be expanding the world of Street Fighter."

"We feel strongly that Luke will be a great addition to the game, and that he has a bright future in the world of Street Fighter," added Producer Matsumoto.

Some time after the Summer Update presentation, Capcom Unity released a statement that briefly reviewed everything revealed during the broadcast. Though it was considerably shorter than what was said about Oro and Akira, there was a note left about Luke.

"Introducing Luke, a brand new character that will help expand the world of Street Fighter," said Capcom Unity.

Again and again, it seems like Capcom is really emphasizing Luke's "future" and how he will "expand the world of Street Fighter." Being that Luke is intended to be Street Fighter 5's last character, it doesn't really seem like the future of the Street Fighter will be Street Fighter 5 for very long.

Most of us have probably heard rumors that suggest that Street Fighter 6 is currently in development. While we don't have official confirmation that this is actually the case just yet, there does appear to be plenty of evidence backing these rumors.

With Street Fighter 5's end now in sight via the roadmap, the timing does seem good. Capcom could very well be developing Street Fighter 6 while Street Fighter 5 is being wrapped up with this final DLC season.

Of course, the "future" for Street Fighter 5 is Street Fighter 6. Though Street Fighter 5 has seen a lot of turbulence throughout its years as Capcom's main fighting game, Street Fighter remains as one of Capcom's most important IPs. It's extremely likely that there will be a Street Fighter 6 at some point.

Does this mean that Luke will have some sort of presence in Street Fighter 6? Some have already begun to theorize that Luke could be the protagonist of Street Fighter 6.

Notably, Ryu has been the main protagonist throughout the Street Fighter series, but there was that time in Street Fighter 3 where Alex was meant to take up the role of the main character. If Capcom really is planning on using Luke like this, it'd be a bold move.

As mentioned before, details about Luke are scarce at the moment, but Luke's own dialogue during the trailer suggests that he aspires to be like a certain man, likely within the Street Fighter universe itself.

If this character were somehow Ryu, then maybe he aspires to be the protagonist of the Street Fighter series? Of course, other candidates on who he is potentially referring to includes Guile, Byron Taylor, Ken, G, Gill and many other possibilities.

Perhaps we'll learn more about what Luke's "future" is and how he'll "expand the world of Street Fighter" when more details about him are released during what we assume to be the Fall Update stream that will broadcast before Luke's November release.

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