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Rose apparently already time traveled in the past and is part of a time loop according to Capcom's character introduction for Street Fighter 5

My brain hurts already

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 28, 2021 at 4:51 p.m. PDT • Comments: 35

Rose's new redesign in Street Fighter 5 has made the character the most interesting she's ever been in terms of the tools available at her disposal, but that's not the only intriguing thing about the fortune teller this time around.

Capcom has released Rose's official character introduction guide that showcases all of her special abilities, but also answers some questions from the development team that appears to confirm she's already time traveled in the past.

"Rose's character design is actually related to the Alpha series story," reads Matthew Edwards as an answer to the question of what's something about her development that only the Capcom team knows. "She is part of a time loop where she has gone back in time to thwart the ambitions of M. Bison."

The implications here are as surprising as they are confusing since there doesn't seem to be much to indicate she already traveled prior to her character story in SF5.

Does this mean that she erased the events of the original Alpha to try and get a better outcome in Alpha 2? Or has she already been from the "future" this entire time?

An introduction of a time loop could be a way to explain all of the different arcade endings of the previous games, but boy does that just seem to raise more questions than it answers.

Capcom also reveals they had two key points to try and nail for Rose's re-introduction in SF5: differentiate her from Menat and use her Soul Power in new, interesting ways.

"Since Menat already has the projectile absorption ability, we felt her master, Rose, needed to have an even more powerful way of controlling her soul and using it in a variety of ways. This is why we made Soul Spark usable in the air and changed the anti-air Soul Throw into Soul Bind."

Soul Punish is confirmed to be based on the intro cinematic for Street Fighter Alpha, and the developers state Rose's new standing heavy kick and EX Soul Bind were animated to serve as a connection between herself and M. Bison.

Rose's Nostalgia Costume is brought up as well as a reference to Demitri in Capcom Fighting Evolution, but they make no mention of its further ties to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

You can check out Capcom's full character introduction video for Rose below, and let us know what the heck you think this time loop comment means in the comments below.

Image source: Back to the Future.

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