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The identity of Street Fighter 5's final character may be a secret due to impact on the story going forward, here's a few candidates who fit the bill

Who's ready for some Ingrid? No one? Okay

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 27, 2021 at 8:13 p.m. PDT • Comments: 142

Capcom decided to reveal four out of the five DLC characters in Street Fighter 5's final season last year, which led many to believe that the last mystery slot would be taken by someone who would cause a big pop-off in the community like a guest crossover, but that's not necessarily the case now.

With Rose's character story setting up some big implications for plot of the games going forward, the developers could likely be keeping of the last character a secret for now because they're planned to play a larger role in what's to come.

We've looked through the entirety of the catalog of characters in the Street Fighter mythos to determine who among them could shake things up from a plot standpoint.

This led us down the road of creating two potential groups of candidates that would fit the bill: characters with incredible / supernatural powers and characters with strong connections to the veterans / older generation.

Since Capcom looks like they're planning on traveling back in time to save the world, these requirements seem necessary to slot into Street Fighter 5 and / or Street Fighter 6.

Gen would match up well with both groups here with his abilities and ties to a large number of the cast, but his relative lack of popularity in SF4 makes him an unlikely candidate to push as something for players to buy and get excited for.

There is, however, a similar character who we've never gotten to take control of in the past 30+ years.


The master of Gouken and Akuma would be a great addition to close out Street Fighter 5's run and set up going to the past in order to fix the future.

Given Rose's apparent limitation of sending her consciousness to a younger version of herself, she may not be able to go back far enough to prevent his death at the hands of Akuma, but that might not be needed anyways.

Akuma's track record of killing his opponents with the Raging Demon / Shun Goku Satsu isn't exactly great with Gen, Gouken, M. Bison and Gill surviving the soul-obliterating technique, so a simple retcon of his demise could be easily put in place like they did previously with his student.

Goutetsu's strength would make him a great ally in the battles to come, and Oro shows that old age isn't enough to slow down martial arts masters.

Interestingly, Capcom's already detailed Goutetsu's special moveset on top of being the one to create the Hadoken and Shoryuken with techniques that he held back from his students for some reason.

This leaves the door open to the Ansatsuken master to teach these hidden powers to either Ryu or Ken to help diversify their movesets even more in the future.

goutetsu could also prove to be a helpful mentor for a young Ryu learning to completely control his Satsui no Hado powers and use them at will.

Ingrid / Rook

As for the most "powerful" characters not currently among the SF5 roster, Ingrid probably makes the top of that list with her mysterious cosmic energy.

Her abilities could really help turn the tides of battle in Street Fighter 6, but she may remain stuck on the sidelines since it seems the final DLC character will likely be a male fighter.

This leads us to Rook, who was supposed to appear alongside Ingrid in the canceled Capcom Fighting All-Stars and is also a powerful Code Holder in his own right.

Similarly to Goutetsu, Capcom gave Rook an official moveset in his CFN profile though they do appear to be pulled from his planned All-Stars design.

Either one of these fighters would open up the Street Fighter world to a potentially new source of power that could factor into how the future could be saved from destruction.


Chun-Li's father went largely unseen and unnamed for the longest time, but SF5 changed that with his offical CFN profile as well.

His apparent death being prevented would probably have the second-largest impact on Street Fighter's story, and though we haven't seen him in any battles, Dorai is also said to be a master of Chinese martial arts.


This original Street Fighter foe hasn't been seen in over 30 years, but his connection to Ryu and friendship with Gouken and Dhalsim make him an interesting choice to potentially return and reveal more of his secrets.

His rather basic design and general obscurity, however, do probably make him the least likely of the bunch.

A New Challenger

Street Fighter 5 has certainly not shied away from introducing new challengers to the roster, and we've already seen additions like G and Menat make a big splash in terms of story and popularity.

It stands to reason that Capcom could introduce one final newcomer who could be more plot relevant than anyone else mentioned up above because they'd be a blank slate with any number of possibilities.

With the introduction of time travel on the horizon, perhaps we could see someone with time manipulation powers make their way into the game and bring something brand new from a gameplay perspective.

We'll likely be waiting a few more months at least before we find out number five's identity, as Capcom has already teased their big reveal to come during the Summer Update event, which will probably take place some time in June.

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