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Recent Project L rumors confirmed as fake by Riot Games

Be careful what you read on the internet kids

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 27, 2021 at 2:36 p.m. PDT • Comments: 14

Fighting game fans have been waiting almost two years to learn more about Project L, and for a moment it seemed to finally be finally time to see what the League of Legends spin-off was all about — except that it wasn't.

Posts began circulating the internet this week that Project L may incorporate non-fungible tokens (otherwise known as NFTs) as player rewards as well as being a platform fighter, but Riot Games has officially de-bunked those rumors.

"We basically never talk about this kind of thing, but the Project L 'leaks' going around are very, very fake," wrote Joe Hixon, Riot's corporate communications director, on Twitter. "You too can edit any website with the handy dandy Inspect Element tool."

The false information appears to have began on a Discord server which reportedly showed part of Riot's website that contained text regarding the in-development fighting game.

Images quickly spread to places like Reddit and other social media sites, which got the FGC buzzing on the supposed info.

That was then followed up by a Twitter account for Project L mentioned on the website announcing a world premiere gameplay reveal to be showcased next month that was fairly convincing at first glance and briefly fooled many in the community — including ourselves for a few minutes.

Things quickly became apparent, however, that something was amiss, and it was discovered to be a hoax created by manually editing Riot's website and making a fake Twitter page.

So after all of that, we're pretty much left exactly where we were before with not knowing anything new about Project L itself.

There were reports that a session of play tests for the fighting game were recently carried out, but we probably won't be seeing anything come out of that unless someone wants to face potentially serious legal ramifications for breaking a non-disclosure agreement.

Considering the founders of Evo are also the heads of the development studio working on Project L, the most likely place we'll receive some sort of reveal for the game is Evo 2021.

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