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Street Fighter 6, time travel, and where we might be headed; Japan isn't using much V-Shift in the CPT; and Rose's biggest fan talks Rose

EventHubs Podcast episode 152

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 21, 2021 at 8 p.m. PDT • Comments: 44

Welcome to the 152nd episode of the EventHubs Podcast, now with 100% more video! This week we discuss one of the biggest head turners coming out of Rose's release: a potentially massive change to the way Capcom tells their Street Fighter stories.

Not only does this reroute make for some high stakes excitement, but it looks to potentially be hinting at Street Fighter 6's story as we certainly don't see this new canonical endeavor wrapping up any time soon.

The first Capcom Pro Tour Online event took place this past weekend in Japan and thus we got our first major competitive sampling of Street Fighter 5 since V-Shift and the other Season 5 changes were introduced.

While there was clearly not a ton of V-Shift usage, we did observe a much slower-paced kind of Street Fighter 5 with more weight given to footsie and reactive play than ever before. We try to nail down some of the particulars as to why this is now the case, and are looking forward to seeing what happens with other major regions as the CPT continues.

Finally, Catalyst's favorite character, Rose, is now officially on the Street Fighter 5 roster. We get his excited reactions to her gameplay and thoughts in terms of how effective she'll end up being overall.

You can check out the footage below or listen to the audio across most major podcast platforms. Please subscribe to our updated YouTube channel as we'll be posting the podcast and clips there moving forward.

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