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Desk makes Rose look like a combo monster even without using Soul Illusion but oh boy does he have a field day once he does activate V-Trigger

That's some tech overload right there

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 21, 2021 at 4:10 a.m. PDT • Comments: 7

Despite Rose never really being much of a combo character before, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is certainly looking to change that, and we know just the guy to showcase what's possible now.

Master combo composer Desk released a video dedicated to the returning fortune teller, and he does not disappoint with what he was able to uncover — even without using her Soul Illusion V-Trigger 2.

Things kick off quickly with Desk managing to land two EX Soul Punishes, two Soul Sparks (one in the air and one on the ground), and a Soul Bind off of a single Crush Counter.

Rose's first V-Trigger gets a lot of love in the first half of the video too with burning both teleports in one go and continuing the combo by hitting G in the air behind him.

I also learned watching this that Rose can apparently combo into her air Soul Spark close to the ground and then continue a string afterwards.

Soul Illusion is where the real limiters come off, however, and perhaps the most impressive combo to me here is Desk managing to keep Cammy in a juggle state for 8 seconds where he's able to side switch on her like three different times using slides and air-to-airs to stop her from ever touching the ground again.

If you're looking for some fun combo action to kick off your day, we highly recommend checking out Desk's latest creation below.

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