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Rose now available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition - here's everything you need to get started with Rose

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 19, 2021 at 5:50 a.m. PDT • Comments: 13

Update: Rose is now available to download in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

Earlier: The fated day that fortunes have foretold for many moons is finally coming to pass to bring one such being strengthened by Soul Power back into the fold of the world warriors.

Rose's launch day for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is now finally upon us, and we've put together a guide containing everything you need to know to get started before pulling some tarot cards for yourself.

To get the character as soon as she's available, players will need to have already purchased either the Season 5 Character Pass or Premium Pass, which can be bought for $24.99 or $39.99 USD respectively.

Those looking to pick up Rose à la carte are going to need to pay $5.99 or use 100,000 Fight Money within SF5 once servers are back online.

Owners of either passes or players who buy her fighter bundle will also have immediate access to Rose's Story and Battle costumes for no additional charge while those who nab her with banked FM need to purchase them separately. The same goes for her new stage as well.

There are two more outfits for the returning character in Rose's Nostalgia and Summer costumes, which are either $3.99 each or included with the Premium Pass.

Rose launch content image #1 Rose launch content image #2 Rose launch content image #3
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A new Professional Costume Set is also going live once servers are available to turn Juri into a nurse, Vega looks like a private detective and Seth's may be a host / butler. These are also packed into the Premium Pass or $3.99 each.

Playing Rose

Now that we've gotten the content update out of the way, let's take a look at how Capcom has overhauled Rose's gameplay design for SF5.

The developers appear to have kept Rose's more defensive and spacing-based focus from Street Fighter 4 and Alpha while making her simultaneously more active in her approach with longer combo possibilities.

She has two brand new specials at her disposal with Soul Punish and Soul Bind, which essentially replace the functions of Soul Reflect and Soul Throw respectively.

Soul Punish allows Rose to place a self-detonating orb at three different points on the screen that'll explode after about two seconds or if they collide with an opponent's projectile.

The EX version of the move has an active hitbox that opponents will need to be fully aware of, and it'll cause a launch on hit to lead to a juggle combo state.

Soul Bind is a straight forward anti-air move that grabs the enemy with Rose's scarf and charges them with Soul Power. The EX version of this move causes a wall bounce that also allows for combo extensions.

Her signature Soul Spark fireball now has a new motion of being simply a standard quarter-circle forward input while bringing back the nice touch of changing the color of the scarf depending on which button is pressed for the move, which you can read more about here along with info on Soul Punish.

It can also be fired in the air now too.

Soul Spiral is back in the fold as well though it doesn't seem to move quite as far as it did in SF4.

We previously wrote a piece on how Rose compares to her SF4 and Alpha designs, which covers more on how her normals and specials are likely to be used now.

Capcom decided to let Rose keep all of her old proximity normals by making them command normals on top of the ones she already had for a nice arsenal to be used at pretty much any range.

V-System Brings the Crazy

Rose's V-System is what really makes her stand out compared to the previous games in terms of interesting mechanics and combo potential.

V-Skill 1 is called Soul Fortune and makes Rose draw one of four random tarot cards that can buff herself or debuff her opponent.

The white Magician card fills Rose's V-Gauge as the button is held down while the red Chariot increases her damage output slightly.

For debuffs, the cyan Tower lowers the opponent's damage, and the purple Death increases chip damage and gray life Rose dishes out.

Like F.A.N.G's poison VS1, the tarot cards cannot be blocked though how useful they'll prove to be in battle remains to be seen.

Soul Satellite returns as Rose's V-Skill 2 though it might not be as scary as SF4 considering she needs to stand there and activate it twice to get both orbs circling around her.

What will help their potency, however, is the fact that she'll be able to bust them out whenever she wants, and they pair quite nicely with her V-Triggers.

Soul Dimension is the fortune teller's first V-Trigger which gives her access to up to two teleports around the screen upon activation.

It seems something like a combination of Nash's VT1 and Dhalsim's Yoga Teleport and lets her appear behind her opponent, in the air behind them or to the back of the screen to reset the spacing situation.

She can teleport while in the air too.

Rose's old Soul Illusion Super Art from the Alpha games makes a return as her V-Trigger 2 and works as a small Genei Jin-like install to increase her combo capabilities for a very short amount of time.

While activated, all of Rose's normals and specials will hit the opponent twice and make seemingly darn near everything chain together for about six seconds before wearing off.

Capcom released a new gameplay trailer for Rose this weekend during the Capcom Pro Tour Japan qualifier, which gives us our best look at her capabilities, and it's pretty nuts what all she can do now compared to the SF4 days.

Like those times, however, Rose comes into battle with 950 health and 1,000 stun, so she can take a decent amount of beating though she can no longer rely on her backdash to get her out of trouble for free.

The developers are aiming for Rose to be one of the more technical characters in SF5, and they seem to have likely nailed it from everything we've seen thus far.

Future visions for the fortune teller will have to wait though until we take her back to the streets... to fight.

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