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Learn how to use Rose's V-Skills in Street Fighter 5 Season 5 with this new tutorial video

A quick preview of her in-game demonstrations

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • April 15, 2021 at 9:17 a.m. PDT • Comments: 8

Street Fighter 5 Season 5's next DLC character is almost here. Master fortune teller, Rose, is en route to the game and will become available on the night of April 18 after the servers are finished with their maintenance.

Leading up to her release, Capcom has sent out a steady stream of content to appease the fans while they wait for Rose's return. The latest video is a quick look at her in-game demonstrations, and this particular section provides more information on how to utilize both of her V-Skills in battle.

Rose's V-Skill 1 is called Soul Fortune, and it sees the sorceress draw one of four types of tarot cards that can be used to gain various benefits. Two of the cards she can play buff Rose, giving her increased damage output and V-Gauge build.

The other two types are tossed at the opponent and upon making contact will either decrease their damage or increase the amount of chip damage they take. Rose can activate the cards by hitting medium punch and medium kick together, or switch through different cards with down + MP + MK.

V-Skill 2 is Rose's Soul Satellite, which hails from the Street Fighter 4 series and acted as one of her Ultras. Rose can summon up to two orbs of energy that circle around her as she fights, and each one has an active hitbox at all times.

They can be used for combos and set ups, but if Rose is hit while they're out, they will disappear immediately.

Rose is being added to Street Fighter 5 and will be joining the likes of Dan, Street Fighter 3's Oro, Akira from Rival Schools, and a final mystery fighter here in Season 5.

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