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The King of Fighters 15's latest character teaser may show a classic villain who's never been playable before

Could they actually make Botan a real fighter pulling the strings?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 14, 2021 at 6:51 a.m. PDT • Comments: 42

Last week's teaser from SNK for The King of Fighters 15 wasn't exactly hard to figure out since it was pretty obviously Mai Shiranui, but this latest one is sure to get the fan theories riled up once again.

The developer has now shared the silhouette for the next character to be revealed for KOF15 later today, who could potentially be a handful of interesting characters from the series' past.

As can be seen in the image itself, the new fighter in question appears to have either a scarf or ponytail coming off from their portrait, which narrows down the pool of choices more than some we've seen in the past.

For the characters who've already been revealed without their full teams, Shermie would be an easy pick to pair up with Yashiro, but that certainly doesn't look like they have the twin ponytails needed.

One of the prevailing theories floating around is something that could be the biggest "shattering of all expectations" we've seen yet for KOF15.

If you take a closer look, the part doesn't look like hair, but rather an animal with a head and two legs.

This could mean SNK could finally make Botan a playable character since her hair style certainly seems to match up well too.

She's always seen wearing a scarf made out of what appears to be a small fox or something similar.

Botan first appeared in KOF 2003 as a member of Those from the Past, who can control people with threads and makes a sizable impact on the story despite not being a fighter.

If this is indeed Botan we're looking at here, that really opens up the door for who the hell else might be on her team, but there's a good chance she could team up with Ash Crimson, since he was seemingly revived at the end of 14's story.

Since we've gotten fooled by a couple of seemingly obvious silhouettes in the past, however, there's still a few other strong candidates to consider.

Considering Mai, King and Yuri have all been revealed without a Women Fighters Team being confirmed, we could be looking at May Lee Jinju making a comeback after like two decades

The last time we got to see the Tokusatsu lover in action is KOF 2002 Ultimate Match, so her announcement would certainly be a big pop too.

To round out the guesses here, the 14 newcomer Najd is also depicted to have a hood and long scarf before though the silhouette here doesn't appear to have the giant collar she wore in the last game.

We'll find out their true identity later this evening, but in any case, this might be a really big shake up for the direction of King of Fighters 15 that fans have been waiting for.

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