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Rose's in-game demonstration reveals new details about her special moves in Street Fighter 5 like her scarf changing colors for different buttons used

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 12, 2021 at 7:53 p.m. PDT • Comments: 36

In just seven days, Rose will be gracing us all with her presence in Street Fighter 5 after years of rumors and speculation though, we've got some new footage to help keep our fortunes looking bright for the time being.

Capcom just released some of Rose's in-game demonstrations for Champion Edition, which details a few of her special moves and reveals new information about each that wasn't explained during the Spring update.

Soul Spark

This new video demo begins with Rose's iconic Soul Spark projectile, which will travel faster or slower depending on the button used to shoot it with light punch being the fastest to come out but the slowest moving. The heavy version by that metric will have the longest start up but fly across the screen quicker than the other two.

What's extra interesting about the move now, however, is the fact that players will be able to easily determine which one is being used because her scarf will change colors for the different strength levels too.

For the light punch version, Rose's favorite accessory will turn purple while medium is shown blue and heavy is represented by green.

Capcom also decided to change the input for Soul Spark as well by making it a standard quarter-circle forward motion instead of half-circle like it was in SF4 and the Alpha series.

Like some other fireballs in SF5, the heavy version of Soul Spark is shown to be safe on block by itself, as the light and medium projectiles can be punished by a four-frame attack up close.

In Street Fighter 4, the light version of the attack was used more often than the others, and that might continue in this game going by what we've seen of her gameplay thus far.

One thing the guide here doesn't touch upon, however, is Rose's new ability to use Soul Spark while in the air, so we'll have to wait a bit more to see about that.

Soul Punish

Soul Punish is one of Rose's brand new attacks that somewhat replaces her reflect from previous games, which has been transferred over to Menat, and even looks to have the same input of quarter-circle back and punch.

As expected, she can place this explosive orb at different areas of the screen depending on the strength of the button used which will burst after around two seconds of remaining on screen or if it is hit by another projectile.

Players will need to be careful when using Soul Punish though, as the orb will disappear if Rose is hit while it is out. On top of that, this move appears to have a very lengthy start up and recovery considering Ryu is able to dash up on her twice during the animation, so timing plus movement will be key to make use of it effectively without being blown up.

The EX version of the special by contrast will always have an active hitbox and explode on contact with the opponent, which causes them to be launched into the air for a juggle state follow-up. This is shown in the demo by combo'ing into her EX Soul Bind and Soul Spiral.

Its position on screen can be controlled depending on which two punch buttons are pressed.

Unfortunately, these were the only two specials showcased during this part of the character guide, so we'll probably need to wait until a bit later this week to learn more about Rose's other moves and V-System.

I can see more parts coming in our future.

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