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Capcom pretty much confirms a Summer Update event is coming, information on 5th mystery character for Street Fighter 5 likely included

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 8, 2021 at 9:11 a.m. PDT • Comments: 46

Capcom seems to have finally hit their stride in terms of how to communicate with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's fanbase with their seasonal update events, and there looks to be more coming in our near future.

The company has pretty much outright confirmed that a Summer Update stream is planned for the coming months where we'll likely learn more about the fifth and final DLC character for Season 5.

Reading through the multiple versions of the PlayStation Blog post for the Spring Update information provides a clearer picture at what Capcom has up their sleeves in regards to their last three DLC inclusions.

"Look forward to more as we will have additional info soon on Oro, Akira, and that fifth mystery character," reads the English version of the post.

While that one is a bit more vague and open-ended, the Japanese edition is pretty explicit.

"In the next broadcast we'll be sharing even more information about Oro and Akira," the Japanese PS Blog reports as translated by our own Nicholas 'Majin Tenshinhan' Taylor. "Could it be possible that we'll be lifting the veil on the currently unknown fifth character of Season 5 as well... ?"

Their intent to hold more content streams probably comes as little surprise to those who've been following along, but it's nice to see Capcom seemingly commit to it and double down after the positive reactions to the first three.

They also alluded to more presentations being planned for the future based on the survey released after the Spring Update asking for fan feedback.

As for the timing of the presumed Summer Update, June is the most likely candidate considering Capcom had a two-month gap in place between Dan and Rose, which also used to be about their standard in earlier seasons too.

This paints a picture where Oro will release during that month with Akira following at some point in August, which puts them both firmly in the summer window as was shown in the original Season 5 roadmap.

That would leave the final character for around an October launch to round out the content.

It'll be interesting to see, however, if both Oro and Akira's full gameplay breakdowns will occur together in one event or structured like the previous two.

There's also a strong chance Capcom will hold another Fall Update too considering they won't just be releasing the fifth fighter around that time.

The official roadmap states that a new battle balance update is planned for sometime in the fall alongside new Capcom Pro Tour costumes plus a stage, so there should be plenty to talk about still.

All of this probably means too that we probably shouldn't expect any Street Fighter news out of Capcom around E3 2021 unless they surprise everyone with an announcement of a new game or something. I wouldn't hold my breath for that though.

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