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This season of Street Fighter 5 wasn't supposed to happen, but Capcom says fan feedback surpassed what happened in prior years

This has been a tumultuous Street Fighter release, but surprisingly successful in some regards

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 7, 2021 at 9:58 a.m. PDT • Comments: 80

Saying Street Fighter 5's existence has been a wild ride would be a understatement.

It shipped with minimal single player content in 2016, and the story mode, which was promised at launch, came about 6 months afterwards as a free update. The game wouldn't receive a proper arcade mode till nearly two years later.

The amount of problems that could be documented about this game, from 8-frames of input delay, a DLC system that wasn't working initially, along with netcode issues would be a death knell for most other titles. In fact, Capcom only planned on supporting Street Fighter 5 up until 2020, and this season came as a surprise to the fans — and some people at Capcom as well.

The plan was to move onto Street Fighter 6 fully, and end what has been a mixed bag for Capcom and the fighting game community. Yet, Season 5 is here and somehow this game is seeing something of a surge now.

One of the game's producers, Shuhei Matsumoto, recently noted that the level of feedback Capcom is currently receiving about the game surpasses what they've seen in the past, which he said is surprising.

"We've been seeing a lot of people cheering us on and getting a lot of positive feedback towards Season 5," added Matsumoto.

Despite being exclusive to Sony consoles, Street Fighter 5 is currently Capcom's 8th best selling game of all time at 5.2 million copies, as of December 31, 2020. It also continues to be the only fighting game on the Capcom Pro Tour, attracting solid audience viewership across Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, OPENREC and other platforms.

It's pretty miraculous what the community and Capcom have been able to salvage from this entry in the franchise, despite the circumstances. This title will never be as beloved as Street Fighter 2, or Street Fighter 4, yet it's some how found a solid and somewhat stable audience, and survived past what even the company behind it initially thought it could.

This isn't the type of thing that should be shouted from the rooftops. The game still holds an overall mixed opinion from Steam user reviews, despite recent opinions being mostly positive. This title has left a very bad taste in some people's mouths as well, and to this date they won't give the game a second (or possible third or fourth) chance.

That said, the feats Street Fighter 5 has accomplished despite the numerous odds stacked up against it, being one of Capcom's best selling games of all time, and generally having a vibrant and active community backing it, is reasonably impressive. We've seen many other Capcom titles like Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite falter and fail under similar circumstances.

Some people swear by this game as their favorite entry in the entire franchise, while others hate its guts and wish it would go away sooner rather than later to make room for Street Fighter 6 or a new Marvel vs. Capcom entry.

That seems like it will continue to be Street Fighter 5's fate for the rest of its existence, but damn is it ever curious why this game continues to pick up very solid sales numbers and the developers are getting intense amounts of feedback from the fans on what should be done with it — more than they've ever seen.

While I would never chalk up all of these things to conclude that Street Fighter 5 is collectively a great game overall, it is confounding that somehow this title keeps hitting some major milestones despite the tepid response to it in the fighting game community.

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