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Our thoughts, reactions, hopes, and fears following the Spring Update and all of the wild stuff Capcom showed during the Street Fighter 5 stream

EventHubs Podcast episode 150

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 7, 2021 at 7:55 p.m. PDT • Comments: 15

Capcom hit the Street Fighter 5 community with plenty of exciting new content on Tuesday as the Spring Update stream was a resounding success. We received some enticing new looks at Rose, Oro, and even Akira, which means Catalyst and I have plenty to say on this week's podcast.

We've got comments, reactions, questions, and just a hint of trepidation concerning the incoming characters as well as Capcom's newly established means of communicating with fans.

We kick things off with a bit of praise for yet another successful and informative Update stream that Capcom has now completed three of for Street Fighter 5. This is something of an imitation of the relatively new approaches to showcasing fighting game content we've been seeing for a few years now.

While we're happy with the progress, we do feel like the Street Fighter developers will want to be sure not to rest on laurels too quickly here, as they can and should continue to refine this approach to showcasing content.

We then get into the particulars of the three characters that were shown, spending the most time on Rose and Oro as we got the most footage of those two. Catalyst's excitement for his main character to finally join the roster is palpable, and he's got more than a few notes on the footage we've seen thus far.

To me she looks to potentially be a frustration fest for those who fight her, though I can't say she doesn't have a rather thoughtful design. To hear the details on Rose as well as Oro and Akira, check out the 150th episode of the EventHubs Podcast below or on most all major podcast apps.


01:10 - Have we entered something of a new era for Street Fighter 5?
18:08 - Rose is probably gonna be pretty darn good in this game
38:48 - Oro, probably a character for a specific type of player, a sum of all parts
55:48 - Akira might be cool, hopefully developers refine her a decent bit before she drops
01:02:10 - What kinds of players are going to play Rose, what kinds of players are going to play Oro?
01:05:25 - Big ups to Capcom's team (and Catalyst is a big fat shill for Rose)

Editor's note: We've noticed the timestamps appear to change depending on the medium you're using to listen. The ones above may place you a few seconds before when each respective topic actually comes up.

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