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Capcom wants to hear from fans about how much they enjoyed the Spring Update event for Street Fighter 5 and what they'd like to see changed

It seems like they definitely have plans to do more in the future

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 7, 2021 at 5:02 p.m. PDT • Comments: 24

The general feelings for many in Street Fighter 5's community appears to have shifted more and more positively since Capcom began running their seasonal update events, and they want to hear about what kind of job they've been doing with their changes in communication.

Following the conclusion of the Spring Update stream yesterday, Capcom asked fans for their direct feedback regarding how much they enjoy the new announcement format and also what should be changed going forward.

This online survey released by the publisher contains questions about everything from the length of the stream itself to what kind of guests and content fans do / don't want to see.

After being asked about how users would rate the Spring Update as a whole, they'll then be asked to type out what specifically was their favorite and least favorite parts.

It also gauges interest levels on the content shown from the characters to eSports, behind the scenes footage and collaborations with music or beyond. Similarly they also ask about the interest levels of wanting to see returning for future events with Director Takayuki Nakayama, Producer Shuhei Matsumoto, the Cap-Jams band and Zedd.

What's perhaps most interesting is that the survey specifically states multiple times about future, similar digital events, so it seems at least that Capcom is happy enough with how the past three have gone to continue with more — the most likely candidate for next would of course be a Summer Update focusing on Oro.

"We've been seeing a lot of people cheering us on and getting a lot of positive feedback towards Season 5," said Producer Shuhei Matsumoto during the stream. "The level of feedback surpasses what we've seen in the past which I'm very surprised about."

The Japanese Street Fighter Twitter account also published their own poll after the event where 85 percent of responders saying it was at least good and over 52 percent saying that it was very good.

So what did you guys think? How would you rate the Spring Update on a scale of 10? Should the eSports and entertainment sections stay?

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