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Here's everything we know about Rose's gameplay in Street Fighter 5 so far

Rose will be released in a little less than two weeks

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 6, 2021 at 7:59 p.m. PDT • Comments: 28

Rose was showcased today during the Spring Update for Street Fighter 5, and Shuhei Matsumoto, who's a producer on the game, noted that the latest character has a variety of ways to play. He added that the team is still discovering new things about Rose every day.

Takayuki Nakayama, Street Fighter 5's director, said that Rose is a very technical character, and they proceeded to showcase some extensive combos and setups that this fighter now has available to her. A number of Rose's attacks have been heavily reworked, and she's going to play a fair bit differently than how she has in past titles.

Rose looks to be primarily a trap, spacing and setup character. If she's able to put you in positions on screen that are advantageous for her, it seems like it's going to be very difficult to counter her. On the other hand, due to her extensive moveset and high execution required, it likely won't be easy to consistently place yourself in these spots on screen. Let's take a closer look.

V-Skills breakdown

Rose's V-Skill 1 is where she draws a tarot card, it's called Soul Fortune. Whichever card she pulls is shown as an icon near her V-Gauge and Super meters. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way to control which of the four cards you'll draw, as they all look to be pulled using the down + Medium Punch + Medium Kick command.

The green (Tower) and purple (Death) cards are both debuffs, which must be avoided when Rose throws them at the opponent, as the effect applies even if the card is blocked. Green decreases the opponent's damage output — right now by what looks like 10% — while purple increases Rose's chip damage and gray life drained, by what appears to be about 20%. The latter card might prove to be particularly interesting when used in conjunction with her V-Trigger 2, Soul Illusion, as this combination has proven to be particularly deadly in past Street Fighter games.

The tarot cards that buff Rose are red (Chariot) and white (Magician). Red increases her damage by about 10%, and the white Magician card increases the V-Gauge that she gains.

Unfortunately, the history of randomly drawn cards in fighting games is fairly dicey, and it's possible that V-Skill 1 will end up being the least popular option, because getting a random card that you do not want is a tough thing to manage during an intense fight.

It's worth noting however that currently hitting Rose after she's put one of her debuff cards on the opponent does NOT remove the effect.

V-Skill 2, Soul Satellite, seems to be the real breadwinner for Rose, with a number of attacks and setups that either enable deadly setups or combos for her. While the start up of this move is definitely slower than Rose's Ultra 2 in Street Fighter 4, it looks to have plenty of applications. She can do her V-Skill 2 a second time to get another orb, and her new move, Soul Punish provides a nice shield for her to do so.

Capcom warned players multiple times that they'll need room to get her V-Skill 2 orbs out, so clever use of her normals and specials to gain space to get these into play will definitely be required.

V-Triggers overview

One of the first things that will jump out to fans of Rose is that both of her V-Triggers are two bars. Many had previously speculated that Rose would likely have a 3-bar V-Trigger, more than likely her Soul Illusion, but the fact this doesn't presently exist means that it's unlikely that Rose will be dominated by the presence of her V-Triggers, as three bar V-Triggers in Street Fighter 5 tend to be very powerful.

Rose's V-Trigger 1, Soul Dimension, is her teleport, and coupled with her air fireball and orb explosion traps, it can provide some gnarly blocking situations for the opponent. The teleport can be used to appear all the way on the other side of the screen, which should be a nice escape option for her. Also, you can apparate mid-air behind the opponent, or a grounded version behind the other player. The teleport can be cancelled from most of her specials, and be performed in the air or on the ground.

Her V-Trigger 1 looks to be fairly fast, and even with opponents who are highly adept at blocking it, it will mean Rose can close ground very quickly, so for players who prefer to rushdown, this might be a very solid option.

V-Trigger 2 on the other hand is her Soul Illusion (Genei Jin) which makes moves hit twice, and was already shown doing massive damage. When activated Rose's fireballs become stronger and an attack of the same strength hitting twice may cause a juggle state, which looks like it's particularly applicable with heavy buttons. Capcom specifically noted that Rose's V-Trigger 2 offers a lot of creativity and exploration, and it seems like where a large portion of her technical nature stems from at the moment.

Special moves and normals

Soul Spiral was Rose's most signature move previously, and in the footage it looks like she can still space this out and make it safe-ish from some ranges, but it no longer appears to be the focal point of Rose's gameplay. Instead, this attack seems to be used mostly in combos and some pressure situations, to tack on damage or setup some specific spacing for her.

Her crouching medium kick has been reworked, and it appears to combo into most of her special moves from a solid distance away, giving her some new spacing options. Rose's fireball actually has a fast start up time, but the recovery — as is the tradition for Rose — seems to be quite long, meaning if the opponent makes the correct read on her attempting to throw one, you're very likely to get punished.

Rose's new special move, Soul Punish, was used extensively in the footage, serving as a frame trap, pressure tool and shield to keep opponents at bay.

Lastly, Rose's re-worked normals mean she has a solid pressure and distance game, meaning she can get up in the opponent's face with standing medium punch and follow up with other attacks to apparently stay at advantage on block, or frame trap the other player. Plus her new standing heavy punch has a far reach and can be activated into her Soul Illusion from close to max range and still combo into her follow up attacks.

The Italian fortune teller looks to be a very dynamic and crafty character who has a few different ways of approaching the match ups in the game, from more neutral-based gameplay to solid mixup and rushdown tactics, Rose's toolset looks to be very diverse, and we'll know a lot more when we get our hands on her in a little under two weeks.

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